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20 Times People Couldn't Do One Simple Job

Many of us work in a specific field and are trained to perform very specific tasks. From skilled laborers to people with advanced degrees, we all hope to know what we're doing to the extent that we can function professionally at what we do. At least to the point where we won't get fired. Apparently, that's not a concern for some people. The following images showcase some truly artistic examples of work gone horribly wrong, because apparently, even if you had only one job and it was a particularly simple one, people can manage to screw this up, too.

Here are 20 times people messed up on the job, but clearly didn't have the energy to fix it. We're guessing they probably didn't keep these jobs for much longer after this happened in the worst cases, and in the best cases, we're hoping their coworkers are making fun of them a little, at least. If you're having a bad day at work, hopefully this will help, because you can at least rest assured knowing you'll never be anywhere near as bad at what you do as these people are at their very simple jobs.

Some Real Thought Went Into This

3632 PRA Spanish transport secretary resigns after new trains too big for tunnels

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This Restaurant

Wooster Canton Quaker Steak & Lube Dine-in Youngstown . Takeout Delivery A Quaker Steak & Lube 17.1 mi Pittsburgh, PA Open 24 hours No dine-in No takeout No delivery 80 CALL State College 99 Map data ©2023 Google Open now DIRECTIONS

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That name aside, they're probably wondering why they don't get any customers.

This Customer-Facing Upsell Poster

Little UPSELL! UPSELL! Caesars WHEN THE CUSTOMER ORDERS: Classic Pepperoni or Classic Cheese TIP: Check if you are holding a Large Quattro HOT-N-READY" and suggest that first. WHEN THE CUSTOMER ORDERS: Medium or Large Quattro Pizza WHEN THE CUSTOMER ORDERS: Any Pizza UPSELL TO: Medium or Large Quattro your store is holding HOT-N-READY right now WHEN THE CUSTOMER ORDERS: Boneless Bites UPSELL TO: For only $6 more did you want to make this a bundle by adding a 2 Litre and Crazy Combo? SUGGEST: Did you want to add one of our great Desserts such as our Cookie Dough Brownie? TIP: Point to Counter mat or Cash Shroud Visuals. SUGGEST: Ask if they want to add one of our great dipping sauces to their Boneless Bites? Dipping Saucesare pepu ASK YOUR MANAGER ABOUT THE QUATTRO CREW INCENTIVE FOR CREW MEMBERS TO HAVE A CHANCE TO A WIN GREAT PRIZE! CASAROS TEMES SWEET HEA EPICE DOU Little

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It's always fun to see a reminder of capitalism at work when you're just trying to get a pizza.

So Close

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Child Car Seat Installation Instructions

of 104 X

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My Favorite Part Is the Fact That It's Carpeted

What the hell? Zachary Burrell @ZachBurrell10. Mar 18 Looking at Batgirl's bathroom makes me unreasonably upset O splish splish YOU

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Really? That's the Image You Chose?

Smash Bros player banned from tournaments after being arrested over mother's murder Dylan Horetski | Published: Jul 01, 2022, 12:34 | Updated: Jul 01, 2022, 13:13

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They probably should have led with the murder part rather than the banned from the event part, too.

Australian Chevrolet


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"Right Jab Fitness" Logo Is a Left Hand


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Looks Like They Haven't Found Nemo


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What a Deal!

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Sponsored Visit San Francisco, the Golden Gate city! KLM Book your ticket to San Francisco from $84,435.00! X KLM Book now

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Trick Ramp, See How Fast You Can Go


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When Your Dasher Opens the Vortex to Toss Out Your Delivery

< 7:19 Your order was dropped off. Please refer to this photo your Dasher provided to see where it was left. O A ge Text Me Today 6:56 PM 4. The sender is not in your contact list. Report Junk Text Message Cash (O) 47 ♫ 2405

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WOEPENIT oftis Automatic

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Unless You're Blind


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I'm Lovin' It

ひと夏の マックフィズ クドナルが 0 56 ERAN この

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I'm convinced someone designed this this way on purpose. It's just too bad not to be intentional.

For When You Don't Love Berlin


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It's a way better souvenir now, if you ask me.

Just Stopping By on a Date that Doesn't Exist

Improving the gas pipes to your property To do this we need entry to your property to disconnect your gas on the following date/s (one or both will apply as indicated). 29223 On the date/s specified we need someone to let us into your property so we can safely disconnect your gas and check your boiler is turned off. This has to be someone aged over 18. We will call to do this around We may need them to stay in until we've finished the

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Now You Have to Get Adblock for Adblock

3:23 PM ← 4.1 ★ 47K reviews Ⓒ | 7.8 MB Adblock for all browsers KaBlock Block All Ads Contains ads in-app purchases Install 4.5G 573¹4 Q L All ages Ⓒ Dow

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Then that one also needs an adblock installed, too.

I Sure Hope My Heart Doesn't Look Like That

Human heart model Mar Tuga PT- M -N -S Pay To Laryngling Of AutoryTube Unde Orary L Ⓒlips hard palate Soft palate Ouvula teeth tongue Ⓒnasopharynx laryngeal opening of auditory tu pharyngeal tonsil oropharynx 1palatine tonsil laryngopharynx BARD 10 295 May $0

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