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What Is 'Boyfriend Air' And Is It Real? The TikTok Theory Explained

There's a radical new theory going around on TikTok and it's making users question the very air around them. This theory is known as boyfriend air and it claims that the air surrounding your boyfriend, or even your entire school, is making you ugly by stripping off your makeup and ruining your hair. But is it true? Here's what you need to know.

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What Is 'Boyfriend Air' Or 'School Air'?

In October 2022, before the idea of boyfriend air ever surfaced, TikTokers started discussing the "school air theory." Essentially, TikTokers began posting videos of themselves before school with full makeup and nicely done hair, then videos of themselves after entering school to show their makeup and hair disheveled. The slang term "school air" started to spread as more and more students posted videos like this, leading some to fully believe in the theory.

Two months later in December, TikTokers began applying the school air theory to their boyfriends, coining the new term "boyfriend air." The boyfriend air theory is basically the same thing as the school air theory and claims that the air surrounding your boyfriend causes a detriment to your physical appearance. This inspired an even larger influx of before-and-after videos comparing pre-boyfriend air exposure to post-boyfriend air exposure.

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Are Boyfriend Air Or School Air Real?

There is no scientific or proven basis for boyfriend air or school air. While there have been studies into how poor school air quality affects students' overall health and performance in school, there aren't any studies into how it affects your appearance.

We can't say anything for sure, but it seems more likely that a long day at school might just involve a lot of sweat, activity and stress that could have a detriment on your makeup and hair. In the case of boyfriend air, some TikTokers have suggested that people who experience it might just have boyfriends with poor air quality in their rooms, although this is also speculation. In some videos, it also just seems like a difference in lighting at school or the boyfriend's house.

So in short, no, there is no proof that boyfriend or school air exist. But hey, if any researcher out there wants to get cracking on this one, there are a lot of TikTokers out there who would thank you. Until then, maybe clean your rooms just to be safe, boys.

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How Is 'Boyfriend Air' Used On TikTok?

The most popular videos about boyfriend air and school air are before-and-after comparisons, showing a person before they go to school or hang out with their boyfriend and then after, highlighting the change in their appearance. Many of these videos claim that this is proof that boyfriend/school air exists.

Other TikTokers are making rant-style videos discussing the topics, basically acting as school/boyfriend air philosophers and researchers. TikTokers really want you to believe in this phenomenon and it's up to you whether you want to accept it or not.

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For the full details on boyfriend / school air, be sure to check out our entry on the meme here for even more information.

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