What is the coffee shop bop

What Is The 'Coffee Shop Bop'? 'I Hopped Into A Coffee Shop' Trend Explained

The "Coffee Shop Bop" is a fun TikTok trend that you and your kids can participate in. It takes two people to perform, and one interesting pair of pants! After it was created by TikToker Sarah Maddack in late 2022, the song slowly took off in the year 2023. Here are the lyrics and dance moves you need to participate in the trend.

Where Does The 'Coffee Shop Bop' Come From?

The "Coffee Shop Bop" was made by TikToker @sarahmadbell in November 2022 and features a musical skit that includes her original song. The video follows @sarahmadbell as she sings about going into a coffee shop and seeing another woman wearing "cool pants." She makes an attempt to compliment her after getting over the awkwardness of doing so, and the video ends with them dancing with each other. The video proved so popular that someone even made an animation following Sarah's moves.


Go compliment a stranger today. I GUARANTEE it will turn into a dance party.

♬ Coffee Shop Bop – SarahMaddack

@spicensassy I hopped into a coffee shop ..☕️ 💃🏼 #friendshipgoals #coffeeshopdate #girlssupportgirls #frever #freverfamilyuk @sarahmaddack ♬ Coffee Shop Bop – SarahMaddack

What Are The Lyrics To The 'Coffee Shop Bop'?

The lyrics to Sarah Maddack's Coffee Shop Bop song are as follows:

I hopped into a coffee shop
And then my jaw dropped in shock
When I saw a girl who had cool pants.
They made me want to dance.
I started to advance to tell her
Until I hear a little voice say, "Stop!
You're gonna make it weird for everyone in here
And you're going to break her flow
So you better just not."
I said, "You're really dumb!"
And then she looked up and thought
That I was telling her that she was really dumb.
I started to explain and then I said, "I love your pants
And I was previously talking to my brain."
She said, "I understand.
I made this pair of pants by hand
And I believe that it is time for us to dance!"
And that is what we did.
We had a great time
And all because I'd given a stranger a compliment.

Who Is Sarah Maddack?

Sarah Maddack is a content creator who makes "silly songs" under the TikTok username @sarahmadbell. Her content is geared toward children, and her more popular videos are in a similar, silly, sing-song vein as the Coffee Shop Bop.

@sarahmadbell This is Veronica. Veronica LOVES kneesocks and HATES her maintenance guy. #kneesocks #fashionedit ♬ Kneesocks and doorknobs – SarahMaddack

@sarahmadbell When your sassy sidekick fits in your carry on and also fulfills your shaving needs 🙌🏼 #homefortheholidays #skintimatepartner #ad @Skintimate ♬ original sound – SarahMaddack

Who Has Danced To The 'Coffee Shop Bop'?

The song has grown to be pretty popular on TikTok, with everyone from emo girls to Kim Kardashian's kid hopping on the trend. All you need is a friend and a vague understanding of the lyrics.


Part 2!!!

♬ Coffee Shop Bop – SarahMaddack


Hi hopped into a coffee shop

♬ Coffee Shop Bop – SarahMaddack

For the full history of the Coffee Shop Bop, be sure to check out our entry on the trend here for even more information.

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