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What Is The 'Pink Dragon Game' Going Viral On TikTok? Pink Dragon Lore Explained

Over the last few years, mobile game ads have become consistent sources for memes, from That's How Mafia Works to Lily's Garden. Right now on TikTok, mobile ads for a game called Dragon Farm Adventure featuring a frequently abused pink dragon are going viral, and they might be the most insane mobile game ads of all time. Here's an explanation.

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What Is The 'Pink Dragon' TikTok Meme?

In September 2022, the TikTok account @dragonfarmadventure started posting ads for the mobile game Dragon Farm Adventure. Like many mobile game ads, these ads feature 3D-rendered scenes of characters from the game before cutting to gameplay. Only, the things happening in the videos aren't just weird. They're often a little bit depressing, too.

The ads largely feature the pink dragon getting abused and kicked out of the house, often for making a trivial mistake. In one of the most viral ads, the pink dragon tries to hatch some eggs and produces a wet fart instead. In another, the pink dragon makes some eggs for a farmer and he hates them, kicking the dragon out of the house. That's just the tip of the iceberg. The videos really started gaining interest in December and took off further in January.

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How Is The Pink Dragon Used On TikTok?

Since the videos started going viral, TikTokers have been reacting in shock and feeling sorry for the pink dragon. Some are even demanding justice for the dragon, who they don't want to see abused anymore. They're also claiming that the dragon is from Ohio, a reference to the viral Ohio memes.

TikTokers are also making emotional compilation videos of the dragon. Many of them are setting the videos to "Memories" by Conan Gray to add some more emotional impact to the scenes. The videos have become known as "pink dragon lore" as TikTokers become more and more obsessed with the poor little dragon.

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For the full details on the pink dragon, be sure to check out our entry on the meme here for even more information.

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