Image of Neil banging out the tunes

Where Did The Photo Of A Rat With A Toy Piano Come From? Why April 13th Is 'Neil Banging Out The Tunes' Day

Every April 13th, people on the internet post an image of Neil banging out the tunes. The pink rat playing a toy piano is a testament to how much the internet loves its yearly, monthly and weekly celebrations, whether by saying "It's Wednesday my dudes," Caturday or May The 4th.

But if there's one thing the internet might love more than celebrations marked via calender, it's rats! Here's the story behind why one particular rat playing a toy piano became a renowned symbol for April 13th.

WHAT IFWE KISSED WHILE NEIL BANGED OUT THE TUNES Neil banging out the tunes April 13, 2006

Where Does The Image Of Neil Banging Out The Tunes Come From?

Sometime before the year 2014, a Tumblr user by the name lambhoof posted an image of a pink rat that looked like he was poised to play a ditty on a tiny proportional rainbow piano. The image came alongside a caption that read, "Neil banging out the tunes, April 13th, 2006."

Neil banging out the tunes April 13, 2006

The image resonated with several zealous Tumblr users who took it upon themselves to make sure that the day Neil banged out some tunes would never be forgotten.

How Did Neil Banging Out The Tunes Become A Meme?

In the years following the original Tumblr post of Neil, various artists and rat fans began posting edits, redraws, and animations of Neil and his toy piano. Some of the earlier drawings emphasized Neil's pink hairless body and his brightly colored instrument of choice.

An unforeseen by-product of celebrating a rat named Neil playing an instrument was famous meme musician Neil Cicierega being relentlessly likened to the meme, a phenomenon he acknowledged himself in 2019.

Neil Cicierega @neilcic Follow Happy 100 People Tag Me On A Picture Of A Rat Day 3:32 PM - 13 Apr 2019

How Is Neil Banging Out The Tunes Used In Memes?

People made memes comparing Neil Banging Out The Tunes Day to other popular annual events on the same day. Other people made jokes about the significance of April 13th in the Homestuck fandom, adding that no matter one's position on Homestuck, everyone can unite behind Neil's Tune Day.

Today is Thomas Jefferson Day Today is Friday the 13th Today is Homestuck Day former homestucks homestucks out the t nes April 13 2006 homestucks

Who Are Some Other Famous Rats In Meme History?

Some other famous rats in meme history include the ever-famous Pizza Rat and the respectable Shower Rat. Pizza Rat went viral after a video of him trying to lug a giant slice of NY pizza up the subway stairs was widely shared in 2015, and Shower Rat became famous after an Instagram user posted a peculiar video of a rat taking a rigorous sudsy shower.

YOU SEE A RAT, BUT I SEE A HARD-WORKING DAD JUST TRYING TO FEED HIS FOUR TEENAGED TURTLES eu to sóbrio de mais pra ta vendo um rato tomando banho Translate from Portuguese akaso?

For the full history of Neil banging out the tunes, be sure to check out our entry on the meme here for even more information.

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