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Where Did The 'Zoomer Perm' Originate? The Meme History Of The 'Bird's Nest' Haircut Explained

A very specific hairstyle has come to be seen as synonymous with the Zoomer or Gen Z spirit. Sometimes called the Broccoli cut or the Bird's Nest haircut, the Zoomer Perm is a style notoriously attributed to TikTok E-Boys and influencers. The most popular version of the hairstyle now features a gradual taper on the sides and a curly mop of hair on top of one's head.

But the Zoomer Perm is not a style that has stayed consistent over the years. It has seen a distinct evolution from its natal Bird's Nest stages and its present curly form. Here's a recap of how the infamous hairstyle has changed over the years, and various meme trends it has sparked in its time.

Where Does The Term 'Zoomer Perm' Come From?

The idea of a "Zoomer Perm" or Broccoli Hair only fully evolved in the year 2021, with an anonymous 4chan user posting a classic case study of the Zoomer Perm and launching the "Zoomerification" memes. Text alongside the post parroted classic Zoomer slang like "lets goooo," "finna" and "no cap."

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The idea of a slang-overloaded, curly-haired, TikTok-addicted teen was solidified by the Zoomerification meme. Edits showing pop culture figures with Zoomer Perms eventually spread from 4chan to X, all images accompanied by jokes about Zoomer slang.

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What Was The 'Bird's Nest' Precursor To The 'Zoomer Perm'?

The 'Bird's Nest' haircut is what some internet historians may call a direct inspiration for the Zoomer Perm. Perhaps the first solid example of the Bird's Nest cut is a June 2016 post on X / Twitter by influencer Jacob Sartorius. The image shows Sartorious with hair seemingly standing on end, subsequently inspiring memes about how his mop could host a bird's burgeoning family.

This boi's hair lookin like a birds nest

But Jacob Sartorius cannot take all the credit for the Bird's Nest hairstyle when an early and consistent pioneer in the field was TikToker Sebastian Bails. The TikToks shown below offer a comparison of Bails's hair between 2015 and 2018; in the latter video, Sebastian Bails's hair appears noticeably larger, bouncier, and swoops further away from his brows.


By 2021, the TikTok Bird's Nest cut had reached platform saturation, leading some creators to make meta-referential jokes about their unfortunately flouncy hair. TikToker @_andrecurtiss began to continually exaggerate the size and bounce of his hair, eventually gathering millions of views on TikToks posted in May 2021.


What Are Some Other Zoomer Haircut Memes?

The Edgar Cut is another popular Zoomer-associated hairstyle that inspired memes and jokes in the early 2020s. The cut has its roots in South American culture dating back to the time of the Mayans, but the name "Edgar" likely came to be associated with the cut due to gradual cultural associations.

julian @ juls · Oct 29, 2019 After you defeat all the regular Edgars you get to fight the final boss Edgar

For the full history of the Zoomer Perm, be sure to check out Know Your Meme's encyclopedia entry for more information.

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