Unhinged Home Design Videos

Where Do These Unhinged Home Design Videos Come From? Animated Videos About Tiny Apartments Explained

Have you seen these bizarre 3D animations in which tiny apartments get redesigned so that they fit every comfort? Borderline surreal TikToks which imagine how home design could be done if budgets did not exist and rules of physics could be tweaked have been gaining popularity on the app recently. Learn who's been making unhinged home design TikToks and where you can find more of these in our brief explainer.

What Are Unhinged Home Design TikToks?

"Unhinged home design" or "unhinged interior design" refers to a genre of animated videos which adopt humorous and surreal approach to home design. The videos often introduce a unique situation, such as a family of three living in a 15 ft², or a mother "accidentally" giving birth to six twins and having to fit them all in a single room, and then propose a creative solution.

Design animations feature humorous scripts and multiple visual gags, such as people breaking furniture by kicking it, tigers being used as pets, and people fighting each other and constantly flying in and out of frame. The main feature of the videos are creative but often unrealistic design solutions which maximize effective use of available space.


Who Makes Unhinged Home Design TikToks Come From?

There are three main TikTok accounts which post interior design videos falling within the "unhinged" category: @designer_bob (3 million followers), @homedesign369 (1 million followers), and @dy02449xjp (480,000 followers). Out of the three channels, @design_bob is the oldest and also the most normal one: launched in April 2022, the account posts relatively ordinary home design videos with limited humorous elements.

The other two channels, launched in November 2023 and January 2024, feature content that is noticeably less normal. The videos feature multiple visual and script gags, and often offer ridiculous situations and solutions to them. Some gags, such as use of "galvanized steel" and "environmentally friendly wood veneers" have become that they have frequently been referenced in comments on the videos.


Additionally, on YouTube, channel Room Design has been producing similar, often even more ridiculous content. Ever needed to design a room for 100 million children? They got just what you need.

What App Is Used in Unhinged Home Design Videos?

If you got inspired by unhinged home design and want to try your hand at making similar content yourself, sorry to disappoint: the software used in the animations is not actually interior design software but 3D animation software.

However, if the TikToks inspired you to do some interior design, apps like Home Design 3D, Planner 5D, Room Planner or even AutoCAD could fit your home-designing needs.


For the full history of unhinged home design, be sure to check out Know Your Meme's encyclopedia entry for more information.

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