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Who And What Is 'LeEvil James' And 'Ervil LeBaron,' And What Does It Mean? LeBron James' Alternate-Reality Character Meme Explained

Basketball player LeBron James has been the most memed celebrity of the week, as TikTokers are flooding their FY Pages with "You Are My Sunshine", referring to LeBron as "their sunshine" and "LeBonBon James."

Not all of the memes are cute and shiny, though, as where there is light, there must be shadow. Hence, LeEvil James', or Ervil LeBaron monster and sinister-like creature was created. Let's understand where this character comes from and how people are sharing memes about it on social media.

Where Did "LeEvil James" And "Ervil LeBaron" Come From?

Although "LeEvil James" and "Ervil LeBaron" have different origins, both nicknames started to go viral on TikTok in March 2024. First was "Ervil LeBaron," the cult leader of a Mormon fundamentalist sect who ordered the killings of his rivals from 1974, whose TikTok account @jbisnotontiktok1 noticed the name sounded similar to LeBron James' "Evil LeBron" nickname. (shown below, left)

As for "LeEvil James," TikTok user @gabraldy posted on March 22nd a video featuring a Photoshopped image of LeBron James in a creepier and obscure aspect. The video also features a slowed version of Cristina Perri’s “You Are My Sunshine” song (shown below, right), the main sound in the Britgher Lebron video edits memes.

@jbisnotontiktok1 #Meme #MemeCut ♬ MR TAKE THAT RISK – SM6KA

@gabraldy LeEvil #lebron #lobotomy #fyp ♬ Gabraldy owns this trend – gab

What Are Some Examples Of "LeEvil James" And "Ervil LeBaron" Memes?

As the Britgher Lebron memes featured in the "You Are My Sunshine" edits peaked in popularity on TikTok, his evil-like counterparts also sparked some decent chunk of memes on the platform. For example, on March 24th, TikTok user @ifollow_back.in_2.min posted a "LeBonBon vs. LeEvil James" falling orbs video (shown below, left).

TikToker @Makayonit posted a parody documentary about an "evil LeBron" named Ervil LeBaron, gaining over 16,000 likes in one day (shown below, right).

@ifollow_back.in_2.min Light Lebron vs Dark Lebron#lebron #lebronjames #lightlebron #darklebron #youaremysunshine #myonlysunshine #youmakemegappy #whenskiesaregray #roblox @LeBron James ♬ original sound – I Follow back

@maykayonit wow what a documentary 😔✊ #lebronjames #lbj23 #youaremysunshine #lakers #legoat #bronnyjames #ervillebaron #boyohboy #trending #fyp #viral ♬ MayKayOnIt – MAYKAYONIT

For the full history of "LeEvil James," be sure to check out Know Your Meme's entry for even more information.

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