Lily Lang SEC Burnerverse memes explained.

Who Is Lily Lang And Why Is She Being Trolled And Referenced In Memes Online? The SEC 'Burnerverse' Explained

A gaggle of anonymous Twitter / X accounts have launched a seemingly unfounded accusation against a young college student in recent days, causing quite a stir of confusion, curiosity and concern online.

In a community informally dubbed as the "burnerverse," the name "Lily Lang" began to make the rounds after one purported middle-aged man reposted a photo of her and a male friend, warning him about her supposed infidelity.

370 Sam LaPortas Burner @Sirdabpen Top 3 days in Burnerverse history 1. Lily Lang 2. Scotties arrest 3. The JP Staples incident 6:08 PM ⚫ Jun 24, 2024 211.5K Views Follow

The trolling and wave of memes that followed led to the student putting her accounts on private, even as her photos were photoshopped into crude memes and her name was dragged across the web.

So what is the "burnerverse," and how did the rumors surrounding Lily Lang get started? Here's a recap.

Who Is Lily Lang, And What Is The Burnerverse?

Lily Lang is a college student and sorority member of the Southeastern Conference (SEC) of schools who was the subject of some bizarre and significant Twitter trolling in late June 2024.

Members of the so-called "Burnerverse," an informal name given to anonymous Twitter / X accounts run by past and present fraternity members, shared images and memes about Lang, joking about her supposedly cheating on her boyfriend with multiple men from different colleges or being promiscuous.

It all began with a post made by the X account @popdatpussyfoAC (Arthur Cacciatore), an anonymous profile that claims to be a Sigma Nu member from back in '08. In his bio, Cacciatore also calls himself a "racist" "divorced" "addict" who works in pharmaceutical sales and sports investments.

Arthur Cacciatore @popdatpussyfoAC⚫ June 24, 2024 Hey bud....its art here, just wanted to let ya down easy....your uhhh girlfriend? Yeah so she may or may not have had sex with like 35% of the SEC. Solid head tho...stay strong brother. Happy birthday to the best See you so soon!!! 106 161 7K IlII 1.9M Follow Arthur Cacciatore @popdatpussyfoAC Pharmaceutical Sales/Athletic Capital Investing Advisor/ Sigma Nu 08' / Racist/Divorced / Single / Father / Friend Addict / RN / Athlete / Entrepreneur 62 Following 386 Followers

Many replies to the post noted that Cacciatore had previously revealed that he is around 40 years of age and still lives with his mother, but that didn't seem to stop the burner account from spreading unfounded rumors about a college student, purportedly nearly half his age.

How Did Memes About Lily Lang Spread Online?

Memes targeting Lily Lang began to make the rounds soon after Cacciatore's post, with anonymous SEC "burnerverse" sharing rumors and memes about her and likening her to other women who went viral over this past year, including the Oilers Girl and the Hawk Tuah Girl.

Unlike these two women who somewhat more willingly put themselves in the spotlight, Lang was forced to put her accounts on private to avoid harassers, but the memes have continued to spread this week to other platforms including TikTok.

Durag Rebel @DuragRebel Choose your fighter 4:43 PM • Jun 24, 2024 2.3M Views Tank Lampard @whiskeycoke_ #LilyLang 3:29 PM ⚫ Jun 24, 2024 252.2K Views
Barry McKociner @cryptoxa_ Follow When Lily Lang's bf opens up his burner later today 3:34 PM ⚫ Jun 24, 2024 288.6K Views Rusty Knotts @CridneySrosby Follow "Yeah so basically it's called the burnerverse.... And there was this chick named lily lang, entire SEC had been through her. And the burnerver-" play 6:50 PM ⚫ Jun 24, 2024 243.8K Views

For the full history of Lily Lang's SEC Burnerverse Trolling, be sure to check out Know Your Meme's encyclopedia entry for more information.

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