Do You Really Need Anyone Else girl explained

Who Is The Girl In 'Do You Really Need Anyone Else' Video And Who Made The Viral 'Call of Duty' Montage?

"We might be alone. It just might be you and me. But that’s okay. Because do you really need anyone else!?"

Since it was made in 2020, the famous video has remained a shining beacon in the sea of social media doomposting, reminding everyone that human the indomitable human spirit will always persevere. Who is the streamer in the video, who made the Call of Duty montage, what's the song in it, and who put them all together? Learn all of this in our brief explainer.

What Is 'Do We Really Need Anyone Else' Video And Who Is The Girl In It?

The famous clip comes from a February 2019 live broadcast by Twitch streamer InvaderVie. During her stream, InvaderVie went on a impassioned rant about her fans, haters, and why she loves Twitch. The full rant, which is known as "I became a famous Twitch streamer", lasts for an about five minutes, and the now-famous quote comes from the last minute of it.

"But if we don’t try then what the […] is stopping us from just throwing ourselves off a bridge, and giving up, and saying “Yeah the planet is dying. The government hates us. The animals are leaving. The aliens aren’t contacting us. We might be alone. It just might be you and me. But that’s okay. Because do you really need anyone else!?"

Who Made The 'Call of Duty Come Break Me Down' Montage?

The Call of Duty montage which is used in the second part of the meme was made by editor Biomez in 2015, and it's also Biomez who combined the clips together and created the viral meme. The video, which features Call of Duty clips by players Danji and Piku, was posted to Biomez' now-defunct YouTube channel Native. The edit is set to "The Kill (Bury My)" by the American rock band 30 Seconds to Mars. The song is also known as "Come, Break Me Down," a line from its chorus.

The video was taken down together with the entire channel some time prior to May 2022, but luckily another user archived and reuploaded this national treasure.

Who Made The 'Do We Really Need Anyone Else' Call of Duty Edit?

In April 2020, Biomez took InvaderVie's clip and stitched it together with his Call of Duty montage, posting it to X / Twitter, with the sincere edginess of old CoD montages, the lyrics of the song, and InvaderVie's passionate screams about persevering against all odds all matching each other in their vibe of the ultimate resolution.

Same as with Biomez's YouTube upload, this original upload, too, was lost. Luckily, two months later, another user reposted the video, commenting, "it might be top 5 internet clips."

The clip since has been reposted hundreds if not thousands of times, inspiring versions that replaced InvaderVie's speech, versions that replaced the montage, and versions that replaced them both (but kept the song which really stitches this meme together). All of this, and endless meme edits, of course.

For the full history of "Do You Really Need Anyone Else?" be sure to check out Know Your Meme's encyclopedia entry for more information.

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