A cow rotating clockwise with two arrows, one going in either direction.

Why Are People Rotating Cows In Their Minds?

The human mind is as profound as the deepest parts of the ocean and as lofty as the farthest star, rivaling the capabilities of even our most sophisticated artificial intelligence models. One thing which online posters have discovered about most human minds is they can rotate imaginary objects just by visualizing them and turning them around. Of course, the best and most logical object to rotate is a cow.

Where Did Rotating Cows Come From?

The first references to mental rotation online come from 2015, when it was a joke on Tumblr to talk about rotating shapes.

itwashotwestayedinthewater *rotating 3d objects in my mind* *rotating the cube* ohhhhhhhhhh *rotating the cone* ooooh my goddddd *rotating the sphere* ahhhhhhhh OH my god DUDE *ROTATING THE PYRAMID Source: itwashotwestayedinthewater

A viral tweet earning over 300,000 likes in January of 2021 brought the idea of mental rotation to a broad public. This sort of surreal tweet suggested that rotating a cow was something that the cops could never stop you from doing and an important liberty that everybody enjoys.

wearing jeans to the beach @AynRandy if you're bored you can simply close your eyes and rotate a cow in your mind. it's free and the cops can't stop you 10:49 PM · Jan 31, 2021 · Twitter Web App

From there, the text of the tweet turned into a meme itself, and people posted videos on YouTube reading the tweet in various funny voices and impersonations.

What Does Rotating A Cow Mean?

Close your eyes and picture a cow, with its head pointed to the left and its back end pointed to the right. Now, visualize this cow rotating clockwise, so that it turns all the way, 360 degrees. Can you visualize the cow rotating fully around in one fluid motion? If you can do this, then rotate it a few times more.

The police when I rotate a cow in my mind He can't keep getting away with it!

Some people, according to studies, are unable to mentally rotate objects. Arguably, most people do not need to mentally rotate objects in their day-to-day life.

Why Do People Rotate Cows In Their Minds?

For some, rotating a cow in the mind may be fun. For others, it's the sort of strange and wacky thought that the internet exists to bring us.

AHAHAHAH HOW ARE YOU UNABLE TO' rotate cubes omidirectionally in your mind

Rotating a cow in your mind is also a private activity. The meme reminds people of how well they can amuse themselves with no screen and no one else around.

What Is The Difference Between Shape Rotators And Wordcels?

Wordcels are, according to internet lore, people who cannot rotate shapes in their minds. Shape rotators are able to think of the world through pure forms and essences, while wordcels are only capable of understanding the world through language. It's the difference between being more of a math person or more of a humanities person.

roon ... @tszzl deep learning vs crypto is a clear divide of rotators vs wordcels. the former offends theorycel aesthetic sensibilities but empirically works to produce absurd miracles. the latter is an insane series of nerd traps and sky high abstraction ladders yet mostly scams 12:00 AM · Dec 21, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone

Gar Field Mindset ... @GFMindset This is what a wordcel's mind looks like. What a nightmare Symbolof the Self PHYSICAL WORLD / $OCIETY – objects, people, etc. Persona / Personae EGO PERSONAL UNCONSCIOUS Shadow Cultural Unconscious Biological Unconscious COLLECTIVE UNC ONSCIOU S Anima / Animus SELF or God-image Archetypes PSYCHIC WORLD – complexes, archetypes shedow projection enima - animus projection

It rephrases a famous philosophical debate around the nature of the world: do we perceive things truly as they are, or do we only perceive them in the ways that our language allows us to describe them? Depending on how you'd answer this question, you may be a wordcel or a shape rotator.

Marc Andreessen ... @pmarca Key wordcel tells: "Experts say", "Studies show", "Fact checkers confirm". 5:46 PM · Feb 2, 2022 · Twitter Web App

For the full details on rotating a cow in your mind be sure to check out our entry on the meme here for even more information.

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