Reactions to Adele's dramatic weight loss

Adele Posts Birthday Pic Showing Drastic Weight Loss, Sparking Yet Another Debate About Weight And Beauty

Adele set fire to the timeline this morning after sharing an Instagram post that highlighted her dramatic weight loss.

Granted, Adele is far away from the camera in the picture, but the singer still looks like a completely different person than the one who put out "Someone Like You" and "Chasing Pavements." Adele's weight has been fodder for jokesters and gossip bloggers since her 2008 debut and in recent years she has slimmed down, prompting both praise and concern from fans, with some worried about a potential eating disorder or otherwise unhealthy weight-loss treatment. Today's picture, posted in commemoration of the singer's 32nd birthday, intensified the discussion, and the singer trended on Twitter through the day.

Many praised the singer's weight loss, calling it a "glow up."

Of course, there was an equal, opposite reaction to the praise, with people saying Adele was always beautiful and wondering if her weight loss was perhaps due to negative factors.

Of course, there's no confirmation one way or the other what Adele's weight loss was motivated by, which makes all the tweets about it idle speculation. In essence, this tweet by Tom Segura basically sums up the entire situation:

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