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Ice Poseidon Recaps The Rise And Fall Of His Career As A Streamer And How He Plans To Distance Himself From A Controversial Past

Ice Poseidon interview | Paul Denino streamer

With a career mired in controversy and discord, Ice Poseidon has become an infamous figure among the streaming world since he joined in 2015. After being banned on platforms to getting swatted and raided by the FBI, Denino is attempting to put his controversial past behind him, so we spoke with him to learn more about his story and plans for the future.


The Gregory Brothers Recap How The Group Got Their Start, And Who Among Them Is The Master Of Memes

The Gregory Brothers schmoyoho interview

The Gregory Brothers are a musical quartet best known for their music videos that take clips of news, political debates and viral videos, turning them into hilarious songs. Since the group has been deeply immersed in meme and internet culture from the start, we invited them for an interview, recapping everything from their childhood to the present day, as well as figuring out which brother was truly the master of memes.


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