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KYM Review: The Top 10 TikToks Of 2022

Top tiktok videos of 2022.

TikTok continued its quest to infiltrate every subculture it can get its hands on in 2022. Here's a recap of the most influential meme trends to emerge from the platform this year.


KYM Review: The Year Of AI Generators

ai generated memes and artwork of 2022

While artists are making a stand against AIs regurgitating their work, it is our job as meme researchers to review the way artificial intelligence has influenced the way we memed in 2022.


KYM Review: The Slang Of 2022

hot dog face girl 2022 slang

Once again, the internet proved adept at popularizing hitherto unheard combinations of letters and words. Here are some of the top slang terms of the year from 2022.

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