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Help seek out the advertising accounts.

Last posted May 27, 2023 at 12:58AM EDT. Added Feb 18, 2010 at 07:31PM EST
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There is a buttload of old spam accounts on KYM, advertising products and service. But mostly viruses.

I have tried to find a lot, but there are still a massive amount left.

Example 1: Straight up Advertising

Example 2: Cleverly Disguised Ads

Example 3: List'o'Links

Post their URL here, in this topic. Help clean up KYM!

Example of an old spam attack. Only one of these was not a spammer. This went on for about 20 PAGES!!!!!!!

Other things to look for:
The same avatar in succession
Their avatar is a logo or product
They have a URL in their description.

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How do we find these types of accounts? There's no real way to look, besides looking at all of the profiles on KYM.

edit: Ironically I've already found one.


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They must be trolling since there is not a ton of people on this site, there for not being enough to spam for products or stuff of interesting people.

I really don't think there's only a hundred people. There are 12,732 accounts on this site. If there were only a hundred people, each would have 127 accounts.


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There are 12734 registered users. But there are currently around 60,000 people viewing the site in total each day.

PS: I'm deleting some of the spam accounts now.

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I've busted out bans for all of those mentioned so far. The weird thing is that I can't find any of the users who's names end in --n. We'll have to work on that.


The real action happens in the Meme Database. The number of comments made within the meme entries is just slightly less than the number of posts in the forums. But the vast majority of people do a good amount of lurking.

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We should check if any of these companies are real businesses, and if they are, we could file a complaint with the better business bureau. Sue their sorry asses for everything.

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Whew I think we've deactivated almost all of these. I'm subscribed now and will continue banning if you guys post more.

A lot of these were created before our IP banning system was worth anything, so they were able to create a bunch of accounts each :x

How strict are we being with this? I'm seeing some accounts with nothing but a website, no pics or comments or anything. Do we post those here, or only the ones leaving comments like "subscribe 2 mah yootoob, lolol"?

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Stop this shit.

Hmm billys mays video not working.

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