Sex Dolls

Sex Dolls

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Sex Dolls are large, anthropomorphic toys, some of which are robotic, that are designed to be sexual partners for the purpose of masturbation. Online, the dolls have frequently been the subject of viral videos and social media jokes within various internet communities.

Online History

On July 13th, 2007, YouTuber Elecktroboy uploaded a video titled "Japanese Sex Doll," featuring a documentary about a Japanese man who owns nearly 100 anthropomorphic sex dolls (shown below, left). On March 13th, 2010, the crystalxu85 YouTube channel uploaded a comedy sketch in which a man attempts to inflate a blow-up sex doll (shown below, right). Within eight years, the video accumulated more than 22.4 million views and 6,600 comments.

On July 16th, 2013, the ViralEditVideos YouTube channel uploaded a video titled "Inside the sex doll factory," which gained over 68 million views and 10,400 comments over the next five years (shown below, left). On October 20th, 2016, Vice released an episode of the web series Slutever in which host Karley Sciortino visits a male sex doll factory (shown below, right).

On September 12th, 2017, this British morning talk show This Morning held an interview with the creator of a sex robot named Samatha, which is built with an onboard AI allowing the toy to tell jokes (shown below).

WM Dolls' Shakira Model

On December 27th, 2017, the blog Real Doll Addict posted a gallery of NSFW images featuring the WM Dolls' "Shakira" model sex toy.

On January 12th, 2018, a photograph of the doll was submitted to 4chan's /pol/ board in a thread titled "Female Obsolescence" (shown below).[3]

Female Obsolescence Anonymous (ID |53 01/12/18(Fri)08:58:13 No.15642 1081圖ト U892+SZw >>156421158>> 156423677 >>156426119 > 15642617 156426692-2 156426776 >> 156426988 >>156427403 >>156427716 >> 156427941 >>156428030 156428625 156428719 156428725 156429298 156430027 156432090156432549156432913 >156434707 Goodnight Feminism forever >> D Anonymous (ID: 06my/bod ) K 01/12/18(Fri)08:59:49 No. 15642 1158 ▶ >> 156421200 >>156421457 >>1564 >>156427178 >> 156428739 156429050156429219 156430074 155432693 t. virgin >> Anonymous (ID: END D)围01/12/18(Fri)09:00:41 No.1 56421 200 564241142-156424825 >> 156425380 156426176 >156427478 >156429201 File: brazilian.jpg (87 KB, 548x865) 156421158 Anonymous (ID: MrDIDRD)国01/12/18(Fri)09:00:56 No. 156421214、 156423824 >Sexbots Yes please

On January 14th, Twitter user @oogaisdead[2] posted two photographs of the doll with the caption "if this is what sex dolls look like in 2018 den we are so FUCKED" (shown below, left). Within four days, the tweet gathered more than 35,000 likes and 14,000 retweets. That same day, Twitter user @inutfast[4] posted a photograph of a finger pressing a power button along with a joke about reacting to a sex robot saying "we need to talk" (shown below, right).

if this is what sex dolls look like in 2018 den we are so F----- Sex robot: we need to talk Me: POWER

On January 15th, Twitter user @its_roy[5] posted a tweet with several rhetorical questions about sex dolls (shown below, left). That dame day, Redditor sexbobombd submitted a collection of sex doll tweets to /r/BlackPeopleTwitter[6] (shown below, right). On January 17th, a Moments page was created on Twitter[1] collecting various joke tweets related to sex dolls and sex robots.

Onyekachi @its_roi Can sex doll cook your meals? Can sex doll have your kids? Can sex doll wash your clothes? Can sex doll make your home? What's it? You'll are really triggered TBH ain't no sensible man that is buying that s---. Verizon 12:30 PM 31% Q sex doll Top Latest People Photos Videos Ne ABSTRACT A------ 2.0 @VE... 16h v Y'all are making shorties on here describe why they're better than a f------ sex doll. LMFAC 8 Desus Nice@desusnice 15h its all fun n games till your sex doll starts whispering your search history to you as dirty talk 35 900 ·2,884 Lifelong JAGS Fan @1ROTIMI 16h Your WCW is mad cause she realized that a sex doll brings the same thing to the table as her 38ロ2,484·1,500 IG: TrillestAC @TrillestAC 16h If y'all so mad at the sex doll, why y'all keep paying doctors to look like her? 086ロ1,436·1,227

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Hot Sauce
Hot Sauce

Can a sex doll cook your meal? Can a sex doll take a roast and turn it into an unforgivable luncheon?

(It's incredible the amount of salt sex dolls cause. I'm starting to believe some women are actually worried they will get replaced)


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