James Deen Rape Allegations

James Deen Rape Allegations

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James Deen Rape Allegations refers to claims made by adult film actress Stoya that she was raped by adult film actor and former boyfriend James Deen. After Stoya posted the allegations on Twitter in late November 2015, two additional actresses came forth accusing Deen of sexual misconduct.


In July 2013, Stoya was interviewed by The Huffington Post, where she announced she was dating fellow adult film star James Deen (shown below).

On November 28th, 2015, Stoya posted tweets[1][2] expressing disdain with Deen being hailed as a feminist and accused him of raping her (shown below).

Stoya @stoya Nov 28 James Deen held me down and f----- me while l said no, stop, used my safeword. I just can't nod and smile when people bring him up anymore. 10K 11K That thing where you log in to the internet Stoya @stoya Nov 28 for a second and see people idolizing the guy who r---- you as a feminist. That thing sucks t3 6.6K 7.7K

Notable Developments

Gaby Dunn's Response

That day, feminist vlogger and comedian Gaby Dunn, a friend of Deen's, tweeted that she believed the accusations were false according to the Observer Leader.[16] Dunn subsequently tweeted "It is more important for society to believe women and sex workers than it is for me to defend one friend" (shown below).[15]

I arn not defending him because it's not my place. He hasn't said anything yet himself and frankly it's pretty cruel to demand the head of/a statement from someone in my position. I am a firm believer in believing victims.I think women should be believed when they make accusations. I just happen to know this is the rare 1 percent of situations where it is false. But more than that, I don't want to contribute to a culture where people accuse women of lying about sexual assault. I understand why people believe Stoya and they should believe sex workers can be r----. They should believe women. It has a larger impact on all victims to say she is ying so I won't do it publicly. The damage is done to him. But I don't want there to be more damage to real victims by disparaging Stoya. There's no good that can come of saying anything bad about her. Me saying "Stoya is lying even if that is the truth, contributes to sex workers not being believed and victims not being believed. Gaby Dunn @gabydunn- 27m is what I have me. I hope this satiates you. Gaby Dunn @gabydunn Follow Everyone asking for my head: It is more important for society to believe women and sex workers than it is for me to defend one friend RETWEETS LIKES 56 10:19 PM-28 Nov 2015

Deen's Response

On November 29th, Deen posted several tweets calling the allegations "egregious," "false" and "defamatory" (shown below).[6][7][8]

James Deen @JamesDeen Nov 29 l respect women and I know and respect limits both professionally and privately £7446 1.3K James Deen @JamesDeen Nov 29 I want to assure my friends, fans and colleagues that these allegations are both false and defamatory 4101.K James Deen @JamesDeen Nov 29 There have been some egregious claims made against me on social media AlL 269 744

Additional Allegations

On November 29th, adult film star Joanna Angel[11] tweeted "He’s dead on the inside and dead to me . He’s literally the worst person I’ve ever met" (shown below).

Joanna Angel @JoannaAngel Follow He's dead on the inside and dead to me. He's literally the worst person I've ever met. That's all I'll say for now #solidaritywithstoya 1:16 PM -29 Nov 2015 254 576

The following day, The Daily Beast[12] published an essay by adult film actress Tori Lux, who accused Deen of attacking and degrading her on a set in June 2011. Also on November 30th, The Daily Beast[13] published a statement by adult actress Ashley Fires, who accused Deen of attempted rape.


Meanwhile, many Twitter users began posting tweets in support of Stoya along with the hashtag #solidaritywithstoya[9] (shown below).[10]

Lizzie B. LizzieTheBold 2m solidaritywithStoya #lBelieveWomen DinosaurPirate RStarDinoPirate 5m even if you make a living out of selling tea, people have no right to take it from you without your permission #solidaritywithstoya 2 Rebeckah Renfro@DarkParkerProd 10m I believe women. #SolidaritywithStoya Sarah Queirozdinnosarah - 11m #solidaritywithstoya <3 Stoya @stoya James Deen held me down and f----- me while l said no, stop, used my safeword. I just can't nod and smile when people bring him up anymore Julian Sarria @MrJulianSarria 12m #solidaritywithstoya Laurie Penny@PennyRed No means no. No matter what job you do. No matter if he's your partner. No matter how many times you've said yes. #solidaritywithstoya

Cut Ties

On November 29th, the women's interest site The Frisky[4] published an article by staff writer Amelia McDonell-Parry titled "Why The Frisky Will No Longer Be Publishing James Deen’s Sex Advice Column," which announced that Deen's sex advice column on the site had been terminated. Additionally, McDonell-Parry revealed that she believed Deen was guilty of the allegations because Stoya was a woman.

"Like so many rape cases, this will very likely be a “he said/she said” situation. And as I tweeted last night, today and every day, I BELIEVE WOMEN. From a professional standpoint, as the editor of a women’s blog which has published the accused’s words, acting swiftly and decisively is the least that I can do. The court of public opinion is not a court of law, and I don’t need Stoya or any woman to “prove” that she has been raped for me to believe her."

That day, the article was submitted by Redditor fourthwaving to the /r/feminism[14] subreddit, where the top-voted comment took issue with the "I believe women" statement:

"I agree with most of the article and most of the actions taken here. However, I take issue with the 'I BELIEVE WOMEN' mentality. Feminism is about equality and blanket resolutions like this aren't equality."

On November 30th, BuzzFeed[5] published a statement from the adult film studio Kink, announcing the company had severed ties with Deen amid the rape allegations:

"For the Kink.com community, as well as the larger BDSM community, consent and respect are sacrosanct. Effective immediately, Kink.com will cease all ties with James Deen, both as a performer and a producer. Our performers deserve not only safe sets, but the ability to work without fear of assault. Rape or sexual assault, with or without a safe-word, off-set or on, should never be accepted as a hazard of adult production. While many of the allegations against Deen are new, the pattern is alarming. Over the coming weeks and months, we will review our Model Bill of Rights to strengthen rights of performers off-set, and work with the larger industry to help performers to have been assaulted to more easily come forward."

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Daily reminder to always go to the police immediately if you're raped so they can get your statement, collect evidence, and pursue a criminal investigation.

Don't wait four years later and then announce it on Twitter.


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