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Kwite Rape Allegations

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Kwite Rape Allegations refers to rape and emotional abuse accusations made against YouTuber and content creator Kwite by Twitter user and artist Nyasputiin, who claims that Kwite raped them in the back seat of their car in February 2018. The allegations were posted to Twitlonger in late February 2023, largely resulting in online backlash against Kwite and support for Nyasputiin over the controversy. Following the accusations, Kwite's Discord moderation team purportedly began censoring anyone talking about the claims. On March 11th, 2023, Kwite denied the allegations in a YouTube video, sharing evidence that contradicts Nyasputiin's claims.


On February 22nd, 2023, Twitter[1] user and fan artist @Nyasputiin posted, "I refuse to be silent any longer," along with a link to a Twitlonger[2] page alleging that the anonymous YouTuber Kwite raped them in February 2018. The post details how Nyasputiin started talking with Kwite when he had around 500 subscribers and wanted to draw fan art of him. Nyasputiin stated he made several pieces of art and a rantsona for Kwite and the two kept on talking, becoming online friends. The two often talked over Skype "because the messages delete after a set amount of time," purportedly allowing Kwite to gaslight Nyasputiin with the things they said during the chats. The two eventually met up and Nyasputiin told Kwite their deadname to use when their transphobic parents were around, which Kwite purportedly used to belittle them in the future.

According to Nyasputiin's post, Kwite and Nyasputiin planned to go to a trampoline park and see Black Panther during their second meeting. The two then purportedly started flirting and planned to take each other's virginities. They started to hook up in the back of Nyasputiin's car, but Nyasputiin got cold feet and alleges they told Kwite to stop, but he did not. Nyasputiin claims they tried to come out about the emotional abuse the event caused but was harassed for it. Eventually, they tried to reconcile with Kwite over a call with a mediator, during which Kwite purportedly tried to gaslight them further but ended up apologizing for some of the behavior, which Nyasputiin claims wasn't sincere (full post shown below). The Twitter post gained over 54,000 likes in a day.

vriska's #1 defender @Nyasputiin 22nd Feb 2023 from TwitLonger . y Tweet 28 Like Hello. I never felt that I could come out about this and I have struggled with this for years before writing this, and I doubt it'll be anything close of years after I write this that this will ever be released. But in the case that you are reading this, I have to come out and lay what has happened to me. I was raped by a man known as the YouTuber "Kwite" in February of 2018 and had been in an extremely toxic "friendship"/on and off relationship with him since 2017. To start in the beginning, I had found Kwite's channel when it had less than 500 subscribers and as a teenager wanted to make art for him. Because he didn't use his face in his videos, I thought he would have an easier time if I drew him and recommended he wore sunglasses and a face mask instead of manually keying his face out with a black box. There I essentially came up with his sona with him and drew various talk sprites for him, for free, that he only ever used maybe once. We were around the same age and slowly began talking and bonding over shared mental health issues. At this time I was undiagnosed with Autism and Borderline Personality Disorder (which I have diagnoses of now) and thus was unaware of how these would effect me in the coming relationship we had and how he would, most likely without knowing, take advantage of me. At first we were extremely close in ways that helped the both of us. He shared bits of his past and I shared mine. However, slowly my status as an artist would land me in more YouTuber circles than his would and he would slowly try to encourage me to let him join said spaces. As a friend, I of course wanted to include him in as many as I could, but as I did and he made various connections outside of me, the relationship grew transactional. While I wont say I was the most stable person at the time, I was not actively unkind. I cannot say the same for him. When my abandonment issues would arise, he would leave me ignored and then when I was having the worst of my time, he would swoop in to "save" me and keep me under his thumb. He would yell at me or act passive aggressive towards me when being my friend was inconvenient, but love bomb me when it was just us or he needed something from me. He would use my memory issues against me to gaslight me about things he said and would keep most of the conversations he had on calls or on Skype, because the messages delete after a set amount of time. He would actively talk about his new friends to me when he wanted me to do something for him, and took up a great amount of my time. Eventually we met in real life a few times. I had transphobic parents so I told him my dead name to use only when my parents were talking to him, but after knowing this information, he would use it as a way to belittle me. The first meeting was fine, but he had a rule that I wasn't allowed to take any pictures of him but he was allowed to take pictures of me. After promising and begging to take a few pictures that wouldnt (and still haven't) been posted for memories, he let me take a few before he left. The second meeting, however, was different. We had planned to meet up while he was on vacation in my city, and thus I would pick him up in my car and we would go to both a trampoline park and go to see Black Panther. This is where the worst of his behavior occurred. At this time we were both on and off flirting and had discussed that if we were both single at this time we would take each others' virginity. However, once he had come on to me in the back seat of my car, I started to get cold feet. He, however, did not want to take no for an answer. In the back seat of my own car he raped me, all the while I was telling him how it hurt and how I didn't want to do this anymore. He kept telling me "this is what you wanted" as he went, but soon got bored of it and got out. I sat in the car by myself for a bit before going to join him in the movie we had planned to see together, and to "make up" he had me buy him popcorn. I put the event out of my mind as just two virgins being bad at sex and hung out with him for the rest of the day, as he was still one of my closest friends. I have a video with him to prove we were together at that time, that I was able to post only for myself after begging him to take pictures with me because we were friends. A few months later, once he has gained quite a few more subscribers and larger YouTube friends did he start ghosting me more and more often, all while I was having a BPD episode. It got to the point where he called me to cut me off, and in our fight called me a "dyke who thinks she's a boy and will never be". This extremely hurt me and caused me to spiral more. I almost needed to be institutionalized, but thankfully for my social support system I wasn't. Months passed and when I tried to come out about the emotional abuse I suffered, I received harassment from his fans. I received calls to my house to tell me to kill myself, furthering my poor mental health. Eventually, however, it subsided and through a turn of events, I was able to set up a call to "reconcile" with him. In this call, he tried to gaslight me further, claiming that I had led him on, or worse, assaulted him instead, all in front of a mediator who thankfully knew better than to believe him. In this call he screamed at me, threw things and broke things and continued to try to gaslight me. However, thanks to Dani (Lord Bung), he calmed down and apologized for some of his behavior. However, I don't believe he was sincere. I truly am sorry that I stayed silent on this issue for years, but I cannot keep silent. I have been scared for myself and how the public will treat me, but I am too scared that I am not the only victim to keep silent anymore. Anyone who may also have been victimized is more than encouraged to DM me, and I hope you are doing ok. I know that many of you will not believe me. I don't care anymore. For those who do, thank you for your ear and I hope that you stay safe. TLDR: I was raped by Kwite, emotionally abused, deadnamed, called slurs and gaslit into silence for 6 years. Reply A Report Post

The accuser also provided a link to an Imgur[3] album offering evidence that the two talked and hung out prior to and in February 2018 (examples shown below). This is the first known time that Kwite's supposed face has been shown without a mask and hoody covering him.

02/02/2018 10:24 PM Required Also What are your family doing while we hang Вс If they are out Hotel room empty Kwite 02/02/2018 10:25 PM mmmmmmm, we'll see cum on sheets no good bro 4:27 1 Q Search February 2018 amera Roll Screenshots Stories My Eyes Only 0:07 Memories June 2017 .LTE


On February 22nd, 2023, Twitter[4] user @morriiisey posted a screen recording purportedly showing mods on Kwite's Discord server deleting messages about the allegations, garnering over 1,600 likes in a day (shown below). On the same day, Twitter[5] user @Void_BoxYT then made a post claiming Kwite is deleting links to the Twitlonger in his comment sections.

Kwite's Response

Around February 24th, 2023, following rumors that Kwite deleted his Discord account after the allegations, Kwite purportedly posted a message on his Discord server that read, "Been silent so far, just wanted to say that I have not deactivated my discord account, and my statement will be coming in the next few days." The Discord response was discussed in a video by YouTuber Jalyn on February 24th, garnering over 258,000 views in a week (shown below).

On March 11th, Kwite then posted a video to YouTube[9] denying the allegations and offering evidence contrary to Nyasputiin's claims. The video garnered over 1.6 million views in a day (shown below). In the video, Kwite claims that not only did he not sexually assault Nyasputiin, or "Orion" as he calls them in the video, but the two never had sex and Kwite is still a virgin. Kwite shared DMs that suggested he was more hesitant about the two of them having sex than Orion, while Orion was purportedly very sexually forward, including DMs that Orion previously shared but cropped where Orion makes sexual remarks towards Kwite. Kwite also denied claims that he deleted his Discord account after the accusations, which were already debunked. Kwite shared clips of Orion describing the night they saw Black Panther in a positive way.

Kwite also criticized Nyasputiin for crossing boundaries that he'd communicated to Nyasputiin, including sharing the photographs of his face. He denied that he used platforms like Skype because the messages delete themselves. He also refuted that he used Nyasputiin's deadname to shame them, claiming there is no proof of him using it or being transphobic toward Nyasputiin. Kwite then claimed Nyasputiin had a "codependent" relationship, with Nyasputiin often opening up to Kwite about self-harm and other problems.

Later in the video, Kwite denied claims that Nyasputiin essentially came up with his persona (green hoodie, mask, glasses to hide identity) sharing videos in which he wears the outfit before Nyasputiin ever made the artwork for him. He suggested that Nyasputiin viewed their relationship as transactional. Kwite claims that, after the alleged rape, he stopped talking to Nyasputiin as much due to him being busy, making new friends in real life and online, and their relationship being marked by "trauma" as Nyasputiin would constantly message him for guidance on his mental health and trauma.

Kwite additionally said this type of correspondence was "taking a toll" on him and his mental health, which he also struggles with. The two got on a call together to discuss this, but Kwite said it was "unproductive" and their friendship essentially ended. Kwite then shared tweets from Nyasputiin's private Twitter account, @legohentai, in which they say they have the "power" to "ruin everything" for Kwite but won't and that they didn't realize they were raped at first, purportedly only coming to the realization after it took a year of therapy.

Kwite then discussed a call he had with Nyasputiin and Lord Bung over a year after they ended their friendship during which Kwite admits he got a little aggressive at times, causing him to have a panic attack. He mentioned that he was more concerned with preparing for Hurricane Florence as his family's home was in its path. He additionally claimed that Nyasputiin lied multiple times in the call and then discussed how he and Nyasputiin tried to become friends again, but Kwite was ultimately uncomfortable talking to them. Kwite concluded the video by saying it was good he cut ties with Nyasputiin for his mental health.

Nyasputiin's Response To Kwite

On March 11th, 2023 (the day that Kwite released his response video denying the allegations), Nyasputiin then shared a purported medical document on Twitter[10] claiming they have PTSD after the alleged sexual assault, writing, "I haven’t seen the full video but I noticed quite a bit of lying in the first 10 minutes so I realized I need to show my diagnosis. After I post this I’m logging off for a while but here is undeniable proof that what I said occurred did. Thank you for everyone’s support" (shown below). The document was subsequently accused of being an alleged fake by many online.[11]

Client Name: "Orion" Dates of Service: 6/4/2021-current date ● Orion (preferred name) is a 21-year-old, transgender male, who self-referred for individual psychotherapy due to onset of panic attacks, dissociative episodes, and intrusive memories of a sexual assault they experienced in 2018. Orion reported experiencing the following symptoms, which are consistent with a diagnosis of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD): ● DR. Z, PHD LICENSED PSYCHOLOGIST Brief Psychological Summary DOB: 1/29/2000 . an Recurrent, unwanted distressing memories of the traumatic event Reliving the traumatic event as if it were happening again (flashbacks) Severe emotional distress or physical reactions to something that reminds person of the traumatic event Trying to avoid thinking or talking about the traumatic event Avoiding places, activities or people that remind person of the traumatic event Trying to avoid thinking or talking about the traumatic event Date of Intake: 5/19/2021 Avoiding places, activities or people that remind person of the traumatic event Feeling detached from family and friends Feeling emotionally numb Overwhelming guilt or shame Trouble sleeping Trouble concentrating PhD The current severity of Orion's PTSD symptoms is moderate and symptoms have interfered in their daily functioning, especially when triggered. When triggered, Orion experiences panic attacks and/or dissociation in which they are unable to focus, concentrate or complete tasks. At times, Orion has had to leave work early or take an unscheduled break in order to calm and ground. Orion is currently receiving trauma-informed cognitive behavioral therapy, once a week, to treat symptoms and to assist in appropriately processing the trauma (sexual assault). However, Orion may require certain modifications and allowances in the work and school environments, such as frequent breaks, the ability to leave work before end of shift without penalty, extensions on homework assignments missed due to affected functioning, and opportunities to make up missed exams, until symptoms remit. Should there be any further questions or information needed, please contact me at the email listed below. Came Dr. Licensed Psychologist (PY10431) CORNERSTONE COUNSELING OF PALM BEACH 8895 N. MILITARY TRAIL, SUITE 300-E PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL 33410 561/472-0397 @CORNERSTONECOUNSELINGPB.COM

Online Reactions

As the allegations continued to spread in late February 2023, numerous social media users sided with Nyasputiin and reacted with shock about the accusations leveled at Kwite (shown below, left). Some fans of Kwite also defended him, with Twitter[7] user @Greybee12 sharing a screenshot of one of his defenders, garnering over 3,300 likes in a day (shown below, right).

Gwen //Smg4 brainrot// @Pengwen314 Me the second I heard the news about Kwite: #dropkwite #STANDWITHORION I was not expecting that. No really, I was not expecting that. What the fuck 8:48 AM - Feb 23, 2023 51.1K Views Greybee @Greybee12 tw: // kwite, rape if your first thought when seeing a victim speak out against their rapist is "aww but now i can't watch his videos" you're disgusting. block me if you still support them. Em. @EmmasDaGirl161 But i like kwite :( besides this happened years ago. Just shut up and stop letting this ruining the things i enjoy. I JUST WANT TO ENJOY YOURUBERS I LIKE WHO MAKE CONTENT 5:18 PM 2/22/23.71 Views 2 Quotes ... 7:10 PM - Feb 22, 2023-99.8K Views

On February 23rd, YouTuber[6] Pegasus posted a video about the allegations, garnering over 45,000 views in under 24 hours (shown below). That day, Twitter[8] user and accuser @Nyasputiin then posted, "Very telling that a lot of the ppl who are defending Kwite are misgendering me," garnering over 1,500 likes in under a day.

Reactions Post-Kwite Response

After Kwite made his response video on March 11th, 2023, denying the allegations, many people began defending Kwite and denouncing Nyasputiin on Twitter (examples shown below). That day, Twitter[12] user @appulfox posted, "Upset bc if Orion has no way to clean up the pile of evidence that Kwite has left him, that would mean that Orion doxxed kwite, made false accusations, put kwite's IRLs and family at risk, practically ruined a person's career, made ppl with BPD look bad, made it harder for actual victims to speak up, and created an echo chamber of extremists who attacked whole communities just bc Orion was a part of them," garnering over 14,000 likes in two days.

oatmeal @oatmeal_2 aannd the kwite allegations were fake. 4:36 PM - Mar 11, 2023 2M Views L ... Cucu @cucucumbie 1/2 of twitter after seeing kwite's video #kwite ... I have to delete some tweets 7:13 PM - Mar 11, 2023 412.5K Views

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And as a killing blow to this whole controversy, the accuser has posted a comically fake medical document as "evidence". Despite, you know, that being a literal felony:


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