Purple Republic/Club Penguin Raids

Purple Republic/Club Penguin Raids

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The Purple Republic is a group originating on 4chan's /v/ board dedicated to raiding Club Penguin [1] servers, similar to the Pool's Closed phenomenon associated with Habbo Hotel.

The members of the Purple Republic raid Club Penguin servers with purple-colored penguins wearing miner helmets, refer to each other as PR, and treat any color other than purple as an inferior race of penguin.

Rules and Tricks of the Purple Republic

CLUB 乙PENGUIN GENERAL eights for FREEDOM v2.2 www.clubpenguin.com NEW PLAYERS READ THIS S--- Club Penguin is a WoW-killer MMORPG developed by Valve. It has already won GOTY 2011 Create a new account on the Club Penguin website and be sure to create a purple penguin Once you've activated and logged in, you're placed in a random server. Log off then back in and find the name of the server your bros are playing in. It takes 2 days or less to have your name accepted, until then your name is a string of numbers Use "PR" as code for other purple bros. Be sure to scream it often to identify other purples Colored peasent Hates video games Royal purple master race Your bro you can trust Hatless and poor WIII Vears his trusty miner helmet WORK FOR Deserves to be drilled Very wealth and stoned to death im cring Average non-PR Proud PR flag . Press the E+T keys to fart. Press/hold the T key to stone people. Press the D key to dance/drill Many swears, mispelling of swears, and purple slang result in autobans and if it doesn't you can still be banned by the omnipresent CP mods. Be careful If you see several purples all dissapearing at once then you should run to a different area as fast as you can before you're next. anne The server has automatically banned you for saying a bad word You Said: "s--- n---- why is there so many purple penguins" YOU CANNOT BE IP BANNED!!" Go to these areas here to find a mining helmet and drill You'll need these if you want to hang with your PR bros. MINE NEVER go the iceberg. You can collect many different stamps by doing objectives in the game. One of these needs a large number of penguins drilling on the iceberg to get. If you drill on the iceberg, you Mine Walk over to these hats Get one and click on yourself to go to your invetory and equip it You can then dance to drill things helping non-PR peasents earn their precious stamps. lgnore anyone saying to go to the iceberg. Do not help them Actions If you have a Steam account, which you should, you can join our steam group to stay organized. Search in Steam community for "The Penguins of The Purple Republic" or use the link below. Make sure to take advantage of the group chat feature. http://steamcommunity.com/groups/PenPR


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The Purple Republic came into being some time in early July, 2011 on the /v/ board of 4chan when users began a raid on Club Penguin. The Steam Group [2] was created on July 8th, 2011.

It is lead by an anon named Violantealleta[4].


Since the group's inception, they have become a large group on 4chan, with over 900 members in the Steam group [2] and repeated threads on 4chan's /v/ board to organize the raids against specific servers and against specific groups, such as the Pink Alliance [3] and various other groups, which was formed (both formally and informally) to combat the Purple Republic.

Besides the servers of the game, the Republic edited the Wiki Article for Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force [5] on July 13th.

Club Penguin. Elite Penguin Force From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force is a video game for the Nintendo DS based on Disney's popular massively multiplayer online game, Club Penguin. It was released in the US on November 25, 2008,2 in Europe on March 13, 2009, and in Australia on April 16, 2009. In September 2009, a Collector's Edition was released and included upgrades to the game and extras. This game is about the PR, an elite worker agency devoted to keeping Club Penguin "safe from non-purple penguins". It has sold more than 1.5 million copies worldwide. [3] Plot [edit] Players assume the role of being a member of the Glorious Purple Republic, a branch of the Penguin Secret Agency in Club Penguin. Gary the Gadget Guy, known as Agent G, is missing after building helper Violante Aletta, leader of the Purple Republic in Club Penguin, holds this game in high regard, calling it a "Master piece, 10/10 GOTYAY."

Common Jokes and Tactics used by the Purple Republic

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