Larry David from Curb Your Enthusiasm saying "Fuck You and I'll See You Tomorrow."

Fuck You and I'll See You Tomorrow

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“Fuck You and I'll See You Tomorrow” is a memorable quote uttered by Larry David from the 2020 TV sitcom Curb Your Enthusiasm. The quote is used alongside a still from the scene as a reaction image to an above caption or screenshot, typically when the meme’s creator responds with a mixture of negative and positive emotions to a situation or event when they know they’ll return to it.


The original clip that the meme is pulled from is seen during the trailer for season 10 of Curb Your Enthusiasm, which was uploaded to YouTube[1] on December 11th, 2019 (shown below). The specific scene comes from a moment where Richard Lewis and Larry David are arguing with each other when David abruptly leaves through the front door and turns to say, “Fuck you and I'll see you tomorrow,” before exiting.

Though the exact first use of the scene being used as a meme is unknown, one of the earliest examples comes from December 12th, 2019, when Twitter[2] user DrGrayfang tweeted the reaction image with the caption “Me leaving work every day” (seen below), receiving 181 likes and 93 retweets in roughly eight months.

Dr Grayfang @DrGrayfang Me leaving work every day F--- you and l'll see you tomorrow!


On January 21st, 2020, the Facebook[3] page SmartAssy Mamaツ posted another version of the meme to their feed (shown below, left), receiving over 10,000 shares, 4,300 likes and 2,200 comments in roughly eight months. On February 29th, the Facebook[4] page Daddy's Little Princess posted a variant (shown below, right), receiving over 15,000 shares, 3,600 comments and 2,600 likes in roughly seven months.

Leaving work after a total s--- show shift. BADGELADYBYNERDWEAR.COM F--- you and ll see you tomorrow! When she toxic as f--- and got anger issues but she also pretty and loyal

On January 13th, the Instagram[5] page tasteless_alex posted another example to their feed (seen below), which accumulated over 1,000 likes in roughly eight months.

Leaving work knowing damn well you'll be back tomorrow bcuz you can't afford to quit. @memphsdad F--- you and Ml see you tomorrow!

On August 27th, Redditor[6] Jordens21 posted a version referencing Dark Souls to the /r/memes subreddit (shown below, left), receiving more than 62,500 upvotes, 276 comments and several Reddit awards in 20 days. On September 6th, Redditor[7] gamingtoad05 posted another variant to the /r/memes sub (shown below, right), receiving more than 44,200 upvotes, 161 comments and several Reddit awards in 10 days.

Me closing Dark Souls after dying to a boss all night F--- you and l'll see you tomorrow! Girls after fighting: OMG I'm never talking to her again! Guys after fighting: F--- you and l'll see you tomorrow!

Various Examples

Me to the laundry pile i haven't folded in a week F--- you and l'll see you tomorrow Going to sleep without being able to solve that one error F--- you and l'll see you tomorrow! Me closing COD after losing all night F--- you and l'l see you tomorrow!

ME CLOSING MY FAV GAME AFTER LOSING ALL NIGHT Fack you and l'll see you tomorrow! Literally No One My parents sending me to school: F--- you and 'l see you in 6 hours Redditors complaining about reddit like F--- you and I'l see you tomorrow!


F--- you and l'll see you tomorrow!

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