Gamer Girl Pee

Gamer Girl Pee

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Gamer Girl Pee refers to urophilia jokes based on the stereotype that female video game enthusiasts consume large amounts of the Mountain Dew soft drink, associated with the character d.Va in Overwatch. Gamer girl pee memes generally consist of jokes regarding the consumption, discovery or purchase of "gamer girl" urine.


On July 14th, 2017, YouTuber Kreachure uploaded a music remix video featuring footage of d.Va in Overwatch titled "Gamer Girl Pee" (shown below).


On February 13th, 2018, Redditor hikelthebae submitted a post titled "what is female ejaculate?" to the /r/copypasta[1] subreddit, which asked readers "is gamer girl’s pee nice?" (shown below).

original reddit post inquiring about female fluids

On March 12th, Redditor YoungWill22 submitted an object-labeled Looney Tunes cartoon with the caption "Me / gamer girl pee / my mom" to /r/dankmemes[2] (shown below).

object labeled meme with Looney Tunes rooster wearing a chef's head while gesturing at gamer girl pee

On April 2nd, Redditor BigBazingaBoy posted a picture of YouTuber Boogie2988 drinking a yellow liquid with the caption "It tastes like gaming" to /r/tendies,[3] where several commenters replied with jokes about "gamer girl pee." On May 12th, Urban Dictionary[4] user Fishcum911 submitted an entry for "Gamer girl pee," referring to it as "the elixir of life" (shown below).

Urban Dictionary definition of the term gamer girl pee

Belle Delphine Hoax

On July 8th, a fake version of Belle Delphine's online store was launched at,[8] featuring a page selling GamerGirl Pee for $9,999 (shown below).

HOME GAMERGIRL PEE GamerGirl Pee girt ame $9,999.00 This Only one jar for one lucky cutie fanA- will not be sold again. disclaimer: This is not for drinking and should only be used for bee sentimental purposes. ADD TO CART 1 Category:GamerGirl Pee Tags: Belle Delphine, Belle Delphine Store, GamerGirl Pee in G

Various Examples

NORMAL PEOPLE GAMER gamer girl pee H20 The FBl agent in my computer watching me drink my sixth bottle of gamer girl pee HitThatNa3Na3 gamer girl pee who i wish i was still gamer girl pee Ce actually me not getting my daily amount of gamer girl pee . COFFEE IS DISGUSTINo! T ONLy DKINk THE FINEST LEAVES TEA IS JUST PoMpous ATEK, ADULTS DKINk COFFEE REAL TEA DRINKERS COFFEE DINKERS we live in a society o6 4 gamer girl pee drinkers IF PEE IS STORED IN THE BALLS WHERE IS GAMER GIRL PEE STORED? LOOK: WE ALL SHARE THE SAME 10 DIMENSIONAL OMNIVERSE. AND IM SURE YOU WANT TO SAY GAMER GIRL PEE IS STORED IN THE GAMER GIRL BALLS, BUT THATISN'T HAPPENING ON OUR PLANET. YOU'RE THINKING OF TRANSGAMERGIRL PEE NOW, SOMEBODY NEEDS TO FESS UP. 潔 '

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