gr8 b8 m8

gr8 b8 m8

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Gr8 B8 M8 is a copypasta which uses the number 8 to re-spell words that end in -ate, as a way of abbreviating them. It originally appeared on 4chan's /b/ board in the middle of 2013.


The first known reference to this copypasta is on the /b/ image board, which is not archived. A question on Yahoo Answers came up in the middle of 2013 when a user by the name of TrovaTravita[1] asked what "gr8 b8 m8 check my 8" meant. The user explained that he did not speak English, and therefore didn't understand its meaning. The earliest screenshot of the phrase is from December 25th, 2013.

9595.39(16 K8,4540, liymous 1225/13ied 10 42 59 UTC-8 No 5232a File □ Anonymous 12/25/13(Wed)10:42:59 UTC-6 No.523279898 Replies: >>523280301 >2523280467 >>523280668 I got my first fedora for christmas today and I dont know where l should wear it first. Where did you go when you first got yours? >> □ Anonymous 12/25/13(Wed)10:45:08 UTC-6 No.523280123 >> □ Anonymous 12/25/13(Wed)10:47:03 UTC-6 No.523280301 P> Yeah man, I got one there.. not.. ENJOY YOUR LIFE ALONE F----- >> □ Anonymous 12/25/13(Wed)10:48:45 UTC-6 No.523280467 P> I immediately went to craigslist, upon doing so i was r---- by a gang of black male's, it was fitting considering the f----- id become >> □ Anonymous 12/25/13(Wed)10:50:17 UTC-6 No.523280620 you should shoot it and burn the remains >> □ Anonymous 12/25/13(Wed)10:50:51 UTC-6 No.523280668 P> > obtain fedora > have mom drop me off at mall > christmas: mall is closed wait for bus to get home > christmas; no public transit > start walking > it starts snowing > take out my feather pen, purple ink and leather-bound notebook and write a poem about the snow > walk into woods and find a large, sharp stick to fend off all the p---- that is bound to come any moment>


The copypasta is usually used on the /b/ board in 4chan, as well as other boards including /v/. On June 16th 2014, Reddit user WillyTheWackyWizard posted a screenshot of a thread on /b/ where the copypasta was used to the subreddit "U Wot M8", and received 225 upvotes and 18 comments.


m8 is a slang word has been used both as a shortened slang and ironically for the term "mate". Originally deriving from the copypasta, the slang has a heavy affiliation with montage parodies and its related montage linguistic affiliations.

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