My Skin Is Clear

My Skin Is Clear

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My Skin Is Clear refers to a snowclone used by fandoms in reaction to pictures or videos of the object of their fandom. "My Skin Is Clear" is generally used as one of many positive things the person says about themselves as a result of seeing the object of their fandom. Others include "My crops are flourishing" and "My grades are up."


On April 13th, 2015, Tumblr used the phrase in video in reference to hate mail she was receiving (shown below).[1] The full text of her video reads:

Nigga…It’s April 2015, and y'all motherfuckers still sending me anonymous hate mail like I give a fuck. Nigga, do you know that there is an “ignore” button right next to the trash icon? And I will ignore yo’ ass, okay? My edges are still full, bitch. My skin is still clear, bitch. Okay? My ass is still round. My personality is still blessed. Whether you find me attractive or not is not my problem. Okay? Find Jesus.


In the following years, "My Skin Is Clear" would come to be used by fandoms. On September 23rd, 2015, Tumblr user fobpetepatrick[2] used the snowclone in reference to Fall Out Boy drummer Andy Hurley (shown below, left). On March 17th, 2016, Twitter user @kahunaguzma[3] used it talking about Hamilton star Daveed Diggs, gaining 91 retweet and 117 likes (shown below, right).

my crops are growing, my skin is clear, my depression is gone, my long lost brother whom i thought had died when he floated down the river back in 2005 came back home and its all thanks to This Beautiful Man hurleyfucker EUM AUDI MY SKIN IS CLEAR. MY CROPS ARE THRIVING. MY GRADES ARE UP I HAVE 20/20 VISION. THE SUN IS SHINING

The snowclone continued to be used by fandoms in this way over the course of the following year. On May 16th, 2017, Reddit user RainyPug posted a thread inquiring about the origin of the phrase to /r/OutOfTheLoop.[4]

Various Examples

my crops are flourishing, my skin is clear, my depression n anxiety are cured and i'm hydrated to the max - skam evenbechnaæsheim henrikholm his half giggle half smile saved my whole year my grades are great my skin is clear my sight is enhanced my life is great OFAEER1스트님! my skin is clear. my grades are good. my room is clean. i have 20/20 vision LOOK AT THESE SWEETHEARTS MY HEART IS SO FULL MY SKIN IS CLEAR MY ROOM IS CLEAN MY GRADES ARE UP SHAWNASEXESHAWNACSEXPER クし suddenly im healthy, my skin is clear, im passing my classes, im eating healthy, i have a reason to live, i get 11 hrs of sleep, lifes great 4. my skin is clear, debt paid off, vision is 20/20, crops are flourishing,

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