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Arkunir or @arkunir is a French Twitter user, Twitch streamer and online personality primarily known for ratioing public figures and high-profile individuals on Twitter, such as Elon Musk, Emmanuel Macron and Twitter's official company account.

Online History

Arkunir originally joined Twitter in August 2013.[1] Posting content and jokes about a variety of topics, he gained notoriety on the platform. In particular, he posted jokes about soccer and gaming. On Twitch, Arkunir usually streamed himself playing Minecraft and various sports games.[9] Arkunir didn't achieve notable virality until the early 2020s when he ratioed various high-profile figures on his Twitter account.

Emmanuel Macron Ratio

On July 17th, 2021, Arkunir promised to circumnavigate the globe using Google Maps Street View feature, raising money for a charity devoted to animals. He agreed to do this on the condition that French President Emmanuel Macron reply to a tweet of his (seen below, left).[2] Macron replied to the tweet on July 19th with "Banco," which is a colloquial term meaning "okay, do it." (seen below, right). Arkunir in turn replied to Macron's response with a "thank you Mr. President, but ratio now" and succeeded, earning over 76,000 likes to President Macron's nearly 37,000.[3]

Arkunir @Arkunir Si @Emmanuel Macron répond à ce tweet je m'engage à faire un stream twitch où je traverse toute la planète en street view sur Google Maps (HAHZAHAHA ça prendra 25 à 30 heures et je suis très sérieux) 100% des revenus du live seront reversé à une association Translate Tweet Images - Street View -- Itinéraire photo O Photo-sphère Cliquer sur les zones mises en évidence pour afficher les images En savoir plus 6:00 PM - Jul 17, 2021. Twitter Web App 6,243 Retweets 180 Quote Tweets 51.4K Likes : ANIND Emmanuel Macron @Emmanuel Macron Jul 19, 2021 Officiel du gouvernement - France Replying to @Arkunir Banco. 436 Arkunir @Arkunir 4,165 9:58 AM Jul 19, 2021 Twitter for Android 36.9K Replying to @Emmanuel Macron Merci monsieur le président ! Mais ratio maintenant. Translate Tweet 5,833 Retweets 1,507 Quote Tweets 75.7K Likes ←] :

The Google Street View stream (highlights of which are seen below) lasted 126 hours (rather than the estimated 25-30 hours) raised 47,500 euros and was covered by the French press.[4] Prior to his Macron ratio, @arkunir counted 160,000 followers, garnering him a notable rise in his following after the viral phenomenon.[9]

Following the success of the stream, Emmanuel Macron then ratioed @Arkunir in a September 21st, 2021, reply to a tweet announcing the completion of Arkunir's journey.[5]

Emmanuel Macron @Emmanuel Macron Officiel du gouvernement - France Replying to @Arkunir Bon tour du monde depuis chez vous, cher @Arkunir. Merci de relever ce défi pour soutenir la Fondation @30millionsdamis. Je compte sur vous et vos abonnés pour porter ce message : non à l'abandon de nos animaux de compagnie. Un dernier point, comme vous dites : ratio. Translate Tweet 7:14 PM Sep 21, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone ● : 9,660 Retweets 6,803 Quote Tweets 77.7K Likes

Twitter Official Account Ratio

On January 9th, 2022, Arkunir launched a ratio against Twitter itself on the social media company's account (seen below).[6] The app's official account tweeted about the practice of ratioing, to which Arkunir then replied with a simple period, accomplishing a ratio.

Twitter @Twitter Jan 10 may your Tweets prosper and you never be ratioed 3,715 Arkunir @Arkunir Replying to @Twitter 11.8K 5:14 PM Jan 10, 2022 · Twitter for iPhone 10.1K Retweets 1,170 Quote Tweets 181.9K Likes 122.6K [→ 企 : :

Twitter then replied to Arkunir with an exclamation mark.[7] Subsequently, the official account followed Arkunir on the platform, making him (for a brief period of time) the singular account followed by Twitter's official profile. At the time of this ratio, Arkunir had around 280,000 followers.[8]

Elon Musk Ratios

Following Elon Musk's purchase of Twitter in the autumn of 2022, Arkunir extended his ratio campaign to the platform's new owner. Posting a reply on November 7th, 2022, to a joke by Musk (seen below) Arkunir accomplished a ratio in roughly 40 minutes, earning 72,800 likes to Musk's 72,700 likes.[10] The Arkunir reply that accomplished the ratio was then deleted. According to Arkunir, a purportedly offended Elon Musk (see below, right) was to blame, though this is unconfirmed.[11]

Arkunir @Arkunir C'EST FAIT. Elon Musk ✔ @elonmusk 50 m What do you call someone who is a master at baiting? 32,2k 9620 1153 Arkunir @Arkunir 38 m i don't know but call this ratio. 13,7k 5:54 PM Nov 7, 2022. Twitter for iPhone 72,7k ↑ 12.6K Retweets 706 Quote Tweets 167.1K Likes 72,8k ↑ : Arkunir @Arkunir Nov 7 On l'a tellement éteint il supprimé hhahzhah bien joué les frères Elon Musk @elonmusk What do you call someone who is a master at baiting? Traduire le Tweet 17:01 07/11/2022 Twitter for iPhone 5366 Retweets 4262 Tweets cités 72,9k J'aime 349 22 Ce Tweet a été supprimé. 2,632 55.4K ↑ :

Arkunir then ratioed Musk a second time on November 8th, 2022 (seen below, left), this time earning 83,600 likes to Musk's 83,400 likes in just under 30 minutes.[12] To accomplish this second viral ratio, Arkunir called for help from other posters online, writing, "We CAN do it and we ARE GOING to do it. EVERYBODY GET TO IT!" (seen below, right).[14]

Arkunir @Arkunir LE RETOUR. Elon Musk Twitter is the worst! But also the best. 11,5k @elonmusk 28 m 1640 9137 Arkunir @Arkunir - 26 m Where are you going ? Take this ratio again and don't delete this time. 16,9k 5:01 PM Nov 8, 2022 Twitter for iPhone 82,4k ↑ 3,635 Retweets 347 Quote Tweets 53.2K Likes 83,4k ↑ : Arkunir @Arkunir On PEUT et on VA le faire. TOUT LE MONDE S'Y MET. Translate Tweet Arkunir Replying to @elonmusk Where are you going ? Take this ratio again and don't delete this time. @Arkunir 2h 4:39 PM Nov 8, 2022. Twitter Web App 1,153 Retweets 51 Quote Tweets 13.1K Likes :


On Twitter, Arkunir has over 577,000 followers as of November 2022. On Twitch, Arkunir has over 39,000 followers and is sponsored by the bank N26 and the Quersus company, which makes gaming chairs.[13]

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Kitty Katswell

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