Gianni Matragrano surrounded by anime and video game characters he's done voiceovers for.

Gianni Matragrano

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Gianni Matragrano, also known as GetGianni, is a voice actor known for his roles in video games and YouTube projects and for voicing popular memes on social media. Starting in 2019, many of the memes voiced by Matragrano went viral on Twitter, YouTube and other platforms. In memes, Matragrano is best known for voicing protagonists of retro shooters such as Duke Nukem and for his frequent collaborations with content creator KinoFabino.

Online History

Gianni Matragrano started his voice acting career in 2011.[1] On May 27th, 2014, Matragrano uploaded his first voice demo video to YouTube,[2] with the video gaining over 13,000 views in seven years (shown below, left). On May 18th, 2016, Matragrano posted his first video to get over 200,000 views on YouTube,[4] an impression of 21 Overwatch heroes that received over 254,000 views in five years (shown below, right). On May 21st, Matragrano posted a fandub of "Train Hopper" Overwatch comic that received nearly 200,000 views in five years.[5]

On May 26th, 2016, Matragrano posted a dub of several tweets by gimmick Twitter account @forest_fr1ends.[6] The video accumulated over 1.1 million views on YouTube in five years (shown below).

Starting in 2019, Matragrano occasionally posted dubs of various memes. For example, on February 28th, 2019, Matragrano posted a Gonna Cry? Gonna Piss Your Pants Maybe? dubbed in the voice of Spike from Cowboy Bebop which received over 81,100 views on YouTube[7] in two years.

Starting in January 2020, Gianni Matragrano started regularly uploading dubs of various memes while also expanding to other social media such as Twitter,[13] Instagram,[14] iFunny[15] and TikTok.[16] On January 2020, Matragrano uploaded[8] his first dub of a meme created by popular content creator KinoFabino, voicing character Caleb from Blood (shown below, left). On January 21st that year, Matragrano posted the first meme to go viral on Twitter,[9] a dub of several tweets by gimmick account Duke Nukem Quotes (@QUOTESOFDUKE) that received over 127,100 views, 5,300 retweets and 13,200 likes (YouTube upload shown below, right).

In 2020 and 2021, Matragrano achieved major success with his dubbed memes on Twitter, YouTube and other platforms. As of September 2nd, 2021, Matragrano's dubs of an ironic Doge meme and a Shits Aggressively meme were his most watched YouTube[10][11] videos with over 6.7 million views and 3.5 million views, respectively (shown below, left and right).


In memes Gianni Matragrano is best known for voicing retro FPS characters such as Duke Nukem from eponymous franchise, Caleb from Blood and Master Chief from Halo. He often voices memes created by KinoFabino.

The list of professional performances by Matragrano includes his roles of Gabriel in ULTRAKILL, tutorial narrator in Spiltgate, Jonathan in Lust for Darkness and Ezmo and Thorn in Battlerite.[12]

Personal Life

Gianni Matragrano was born on April 14th,1993, in Florida.[17][18][19] He currently resides in Ottawa, Ontario, with his wife, illustrator @MKDouma6. He is Italian-American.[19]

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God bless this man… God bless him and give him a prosper life, he does the Duke and Caleb like a charm.
He may not be Jon St' John or Stephan Weyte, but he's close enough. This guy and the memes that KinoFabino make are always a match made in heaven.


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