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"Alrighty, chatroom."


Stephen Lyon, known online as 'Sajam,' is an American entertainer, gamer, online personality, professional commentator/analyst, streamer, and content creator in the fighting game community (FGC). [1] [2] [3]

Online History

Will It Kill

Sajam is known for his series "Will It Kill," a show about watching clips of fighting game matches and pausing before a potential match end, prompting him and his audience to determine if the player made the winning kill.

As described on his Youtube channel,[1]

Can you guess if these fighting game combos are going to kill? "Will it Kill?" is a show about funny fighting game clips, throwing rocks, betting fake points, mind palaces, and bad audio. We'll show a fighting game clip and pause it on one of the hits of a combo. You have to vote on whether the combo will kill or not. There are no drops, Time-outs don't count, and we try to get as close to optimal as possible. Nothing can be done about the audio, we're trying our best our here bruh. It does get better after the half."


As one of the most recognized representatives in the FGC, Sajam has been a forefront and subject of meta-humor and memeability.


For Evolution Championship Series (EVO) 2023, Chipotle was one of the main sponsors, specifically towards Street Fighter 6, for the fighting game tournament. Sajam was a sponsored partner promoting Chipotle.

Sajam also made an appearance as a Chipotle worker on EVO's announcement trailer for their upcoming tournament in 2024.

This partnership with Chipotle has garnered jokes and memes about his influence in the FGC.

Who is Sajam?

On February 20, 2021, Twitter user @poru_kun tagged Sajam in a tweet during the Japan Fighting Game Publishers Roundtable. Sajam has been mistaken for another content creator Andrew "Jiyuna" Fidelis.

As a result of these mistaken identities, both Jiyuna and Sajam made several tongue-in-cheek videos in response to being identified as 'Sajam', which resulted in the FGC commenting with meta-jokes of the Jiyuna/Sajam identity.

This phenomenon would later snowball into more meta-jokes of the Sajam identity, encompassing to comparisons of other FGC content creators to members of the FGC themselves.

Who is Sajam? Sajam has white skin. Sajam has pale skin. Sajam can have any skin tone. Jiyuna is Sajam James Chen is Sajam Sajam must Tasty Steve is Sajam be a commentator. Sajam must be involved in a professional FGC scene. CT Brian F is Sajam Justin Wong is Sajam Kizzie Kay is Sajam Sajam must be involved in the FGC. Maximillian Dood is Sajam ast Kid Viper is AK Sajam Woolie Vs. is Sajam

On March 26, 2024, Twitter user @AzureCrowDJ made custom Sajam profile pictures ranging from LGBTQ+ sexualities to country nationalities.

On April 1, 2024, as an April Fool's Joke, the frame data wiki website Dustloop created an online game called "Rare Sajams," a collectible card game "featuring 52 different Rare Sajams and 20 Mysterious Venues." The collectable cards include various FGC in-jokes and references to other fighting games such as Guilty Gear. Rare Sajams are humorously and spiritually similar to another online phenomenon known as 'Rare Pepes'.[6]


As of April 2024, Sajam has accrued 148,000 followers on Twitch[3], 169,000 subscribers on Youtube[1], 110,500 followers on X (formerly known as Twitter)[7].

Personal Life

Sajam initially wanted to be either a teacher or a comedian. In high school Sajam competed in varsity wrestling and would return as a wrestling coach after graduation.[9] Sajam has a history of professionally competing in fighting games before focusing on his professional commentary career starting in the game Injustice: Gods Among Us.[2]

Search Interest

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