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Blockland is a sandbox game created in 2007 by Eric "Badspot" Hartman. The game is $10 on and on Steam.


In the game, you play as yourself in a Lego-esque character, and you can build anything, if something pops in your mind. You can use the wrench to edit the properties, and Blockland uses its own event system, allowing players to script blocks to do actions, without learning. You can also do Multiplayer, dedicated or not, you can host deathmatches, RPs, and more.

Online History

Blockland was developed by a user named Badspot. He made the game out of bordem, using Torque3D (Tribes 2 engine). The game's prototype was released on for free in November 2004, and became a hit. The orignal style was Lego than Lego-esque, and Badspot even tried to use Lego's premission to be a Lego copyrighted game. But Lego did not do this, however. So Badspot changed the graphics during the devlopment of the retail version. It was finnaly released on February 24, 2007. Around February 2011ish, Blockland memes were evolving, such as Family RPs suck, The Renderman, and kompressor the shadow lord. On November 2012, after the Shadows and Shaders update, that removes maps and adds better lighting, Blockland was put up on Steam Greenlight for people to vote on. It got greenlit in August 2013, and released on Steam on December 16, 2013.


The game got a 7.9 on Metacritic and a 8.3 (great) on Gamespot.


Around the prototype of Blockland's release, Badspot opened up a fourm of Blockland on the same day. As of today, the fourm has 93,582 as of March 20th 2015 at 12:57 PM. And around 2012, the subreddit /r/Blockland was opened. Here are some popular memes of Blockland that orignate everywhere.


Around October 2011, BL Fourm user Frostbite posted a creepypasta in the off topic section about a weird glitchy Blocklander he found he dubbed "Renderman" simmlar to the Enderman from Minecraft or the somethingawful myth called Slenderman. He also found a floating ascii face named "Prepper". And even worse, opening up the game's console reveals scary messages. Around November 2012, Christbot6 created a mod based on the Renderman, but with some tools, such as a Glitch gun to fend off the Renderman, and a tracker tool that beeps slowly when he is not there, or beeping quickly when its extreme.

kompressor, Lord of Shadows

Around Februrary 2012, a Blockland devloper named Kompressor released a sneak peak at a new update that removes maps, and adds dynamic lighting. People thought it was Kompressor's fault for this update, and dubbed him "the lord of shadows". Around August 2012 the update happened, causing players to be sad that the maps are gone. But around December 2013, a Blockland machinimast named Filipe1020 released a video called Meanwhile at Badspot's Server ( which shows alot of Blocklanders hammering kompressor while he was AFK. At the end of the video, Kompressor said a chat about Badspot being the one who did the update, and wanted Kompressor to host the news, but people did not care, and he still lives on today.

Family/Milatary/S3x/Five Nights at Freddy's RPs are bad

Around 2010, a dozen of noob players started hosting RPs that are abusive, because most of the admins are children. These include releating to Famlies, or Five Nights at Freddy's. A person could be banned easliy, and noob players are the worst, because of the RPs.

cn I b dge?

Around the same time as the RP spam, little kids started saying that they wanted to play as the dog, but their grammar was bad, so It ended up as "cn I b bge?" which became a Blockland meme

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