Fathead and Dirk

Fathead and Dirk

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Fathead and Dirk is an American comedy, web series created by Alex Dudley (known online as Dtoons, Doodley and Dtoons Productions). The first episode on the series was released on YouTube on April 27th, 2014 and the second episode on June 1st, 2014, the series was revived later on December 4, 2015 within the title "Fathead and Dirk | 2 Cartoons in 1 | Dtoons Shorts" which features two episodes "When You're Hungry…" and "When Cleaning…" It was later cancelled on December 2015 as a result passed that they're still working on other web series such as "Conroy Cat Reviews Series", "Doggy Review Series", "Toons "These Days", "Tortoise Tiberius" and "Team Teen".
The show follows a hillarious and goofy dolphin named Fathead and his stinkbug friend yet serious and madman Dirk when something pops out in his blowhole such as a random object as viewers or audiences suggest what he will pop out next by commenting in the comment section in YouTube or DeviantArt, each episode runs in 0 minutes (30 seconds each) while "2 cartoon in 1" runs by 1 minute.


The first episode "When You're Hungry" uploaded on April 27th, 2014 and gained 14,417 views. The synopsis of the description video as read:

We all get hungry sometimes. Sometimes you're so poor that you're hungry all the time and there's no food in the fridge. Fortunately, there's a solution to that problem.

If you train and capture Pokemon, you can eat the ones that aren't leveling up as fast as the others or the ones that keep losing. Some people think it's wrong to eat Pokemon, but we see them eat meat on the show. That meat's gotta come from somewhere, right? Normal animals? Are there normal cows grazing off-screen? Are you a vegetarian? Be thankful they haven't made a broccoli based Pokemon yet!


Another episode was uploaded on June 1st, 2014 titled "When Cleaning" which was gained 17,393 views by the synopsis:


Pools can get dirty. Especially those pools at aquariums with the glass walls. Those are cool and all, but stinky, dirty children will get their grubby mitts all over it. Since people don't want to see icky grime when they're swimming, they have to clean it. But what would you clean glass with?

Spongebob, being a sponge is the perfect thing to use cleaning glass. He can even tell jokes while you clean to make the experience fun! Although the recent seasons of the show aren't as good, so maybe he won't be as funny. But that's okay, you can throw him away afterwards!

In December 4th, 2015, a compilation of episodes titled "Fathead and Dirk | 2 Cartoons in 1 | Dtoons Shorts" which was gained 66,497 views. The video was the day of the 15th anniversarry of Dtoons by honoring the re-released of old cartoons since 2011.


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