Watch Those Wrist Rockets

Watch Those Wrist Rockets

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"Watch Those Wrist Rockets" is a memorable quote uttered by clone trooper characters in the 2005 shooter video game Star Wars: Battlefront 2. In mid-October 2016, the phrase was popularized on the /r/me_irl subreddit as an in-joke in a series of image macros.


The phrase "Watch Those Wrist Rockets" is a phrase spoken by the Republic clone troopers in the game Star Wars: Battlefront II, originally released on October 31st, 2005, referring to rockets deployed from the Super Battle Droid units in the game. On March 22nd, 2016, an anonymous 4chan user submitted a picture of a clone trooper along with the caption "watch those wrist rockets" (shown below).[3]

File: Clone Commander png (78 KB, 205x390 ■ Anonymous 03/22/16(Tue)15:53:42 No.331675049 2-33 1676059-331676605 WATCH THOSE WRIST ROCKETS F 1029290352 9202 6 i8 5 Anonymous 03/22/16(Tue)15:56:47 No. 331675332 File: 1427759055710 png (183 KB, 287x318) yfw they've got supers ■ Anonymous 03/22/16(Tue)16:01:56 No. 331675785、2233 16763081 NOW HEAR THIS


On July 29th, 2016, Redditor uglybrad14 submitted a post asking if other fans of the series missed hearing the line "every 2 seconds" in Battlefront 2 to the /r/starwarsbattlefront subreddit.[2] On August 2nd, DeviantArtist[7] CeboVision posted an Arthur's Fist photoshop with the caption "When some clone says / Watch out for those wrist rockets" (shown below, left). On August 29th, the Star Wars Battlefront II-core Facebook[6] page published an image "what do you do?" image macro featuring an image of clone trooper who tells "your girl" to "watch those wrist rockets" (shown below, right).

hen some clone says WATCH OUT FOR THOSE WRIST ROCKETS You're at the Cantina with your girl and this dude comes up to her and tells her to watch those wrist rockets what do you do?

On October 12th, Redditor AnUnexpectedOrgasm submitted an "If You See This Image While Scrolling" image macro referencing the "wrist rockets" line to /r/me_irl.[5] That day, Redditor dannywatchout posted a photoshopped version of the Holding a Fart in Class picture with the caption "When you haven't told anyone to watch out for those wrist rockets in 6 minutes" to /r/me_irl[4] (shown below, right). Within 24 hours, the posts gained over 3,400 votes (87% upvoted) and 2,100 votes (94% upvoted) respectively.

IF YOU SEE THIS IMAGE WHILE SCROLLING THE FIRST PAGE You have been visited by The 501st legion CLONE TROOPER no wrist rockets will come to you. but ONLY if you upvo- Super Battle Droid! Take it down! When you haven't told anyone to watch out for those wrist rockets in 6 minutes 1-3y6

Various Examples

Watch out for those wrist rockets cause I am sure ready to take out that super! oP wISt wist um Watch out for those wrist rockets When you're fighting for the Republic and suddenly hear someone scream 'watch those wrist rockets!' When it's been 10 years since chancellor ended the clone wars But you still can't stop thinking about dodging those wrist rockets ON ALL LEVELS EXCEPT PHYSICAL, a B2 super battle droid IFires wrist-rocket How to Start a Conversation With a Girl: Hey do you like Bionicles? Watch out for those wrist rockets X V

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