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Arthur's Fist is a reaction image featuring a screen capture of the protagonist Arthur from the titular children's television series holding a clinched fist, which is often accompanied by captions describing various infuriating or frustrating circumstances. The image is taken from the Arthur Punches D.W. scene, notable for inspiring a series of YouTube poop videos.


On September 6th, 1999, Episode 1 Season 4 of Arthur titled "Arthur's Big Hit" was broadcast, during which Arthur is shown clinching his fist before punching his little sister D.W. for breaking his Bell X-1 model airplane (shown below).

On July 27th, 2016, Twitter user @AlmostJT[1] posted a screen captured image of Arthur's fist, describing the picture as "relatable" for displaying "so many emotions in one fist" (shown below). The original tweet has since been removed.

original tweet by @almostJT of how many emotions can be explained with Arthur's Fist image


On July 28th, 2016, Redditor axedowg submitted the fist image with the caption ”when people say 'Harambe was just a gorilla'” to /r/blackpeopletwitter,[3] where it gathered upwards of 4,800 votes (89% upvoted) and 130 comments within five days (shown below, left). Meanwhile, the Arthur__Hands[2] Twitter feed was launched, featuring various examples of the Arthur fist meme (shown below, right).

Arthur's Fist meme about how it feels when people say Harambe was just a gorilla Chief Keef ain't about that meme of Arthur's Fist

That day, Paper Mag[7] and The Daily Dot[8] published articles highlighting notable examples of Arthur fist tweets. On July 30th, Redditor MGLLN posted a photoshop of Arthur's fist punching North Korea to /r/blackpeopletwitter[4] (shown below, left). In 72 hours, the post received more than 6,300 votes (89% upvoted) and 140 comments. On August 1st, Redditor Aerolas submitted a picture of Spongebob Squarepants holding a clenched fist with the caption "Arthur memes are better than Spongebob memes" to /r/blackpeopletwitter[5] (shown below, right). That day, The Verge[6] published an article about trending image titled "The Arthur fist meme is the best new meme in a long line of Arthur memes."

arthurs fist meme about how North Korea must have felt after declaring war on US and Twitter laughing it off Arthur's fist meme about how it feels when users claim that Spongebob memes are better

LeBron James Usage

On November 7th, 2017, basketball star LeBron James posted a picture of Arthur's fist to his Instagram account[9] with the caption "mood" (shown below). This led to speculation that James was frustrated with his team, as Arthur's Fist is typically used to symbolize frustration.

kingjames # Follow kingjames Mood... Load more comments anthony.hartwell Miss u man can't wait till the summer luv u! anthony.hartwell Miss u man can't wait till the summer luv u! neilgreen2234 @isaiahthomas just know when u get back @filayyyy better be ready to post new videos people forget what u did last year me and my sons was happy with the trade let's go christopher.geraghty @isaiahthomas. Nah he just misses kyrie #celticswinningtheeast letsss goo0o0000 pippy.longway Lmaooooo 부성 Wade thank dat s--- funny 27amk aa vibess nahhh and 17>1 986,773 likes 1 DAY AGo Add a comment..

He responded to questions about the post by simply saying "I like Arthur."[10] Shortly after the post speculation, James posted a compilation of photos pumping his fists in celebration along with Arthur's Fist,[11] apparently indicating that he intended the fist to symbolize him being pumped up. This led SB Nation[12] to speculate if James actually understood what memes meant.

kingjames # Follow kingjames Mood Forever #Strive ForGreatnessay Load more comments vuk_sekularac ThekingLLLLLKL0 NERT 13 2 vuk_sekularac lly am_tjo.87 Stfu, that's not what u meant, don't be salty at K.l josephleopriv stretch_stillup kold.hearted.lp The media will make a story out of this S joe.deblasio 1,011,345 likes 23 HOURS AGO Add a comment...

John Legend Costume

On February 21st, 2017, Chrissy Tiegen posted an Arthur's Fist joke in response to people saying her husband, John Legend, looked like Arthur (shown below). Her tweet gained over 216,000 retweets (shown below).

Christine tegen @chrissyteigen Following John when you tell him he looks like Arthur

On April 25th, 2018, Legend posted an ad he starred in for Google Duo which referenced the meme. The video gained over 19,000 retweets and 50,000 likes (shown below). The video was covered by Bustle.

Various Examples

Arthur's fist meme about when mom gives a non answers as to what is for dinner Arthur's fist meme of hating Pokemon and wearing one of those fingerless gloves Arthur's fist meme about the government just using this meme to distract us from Harambe's death
Arthur's fist meme about when they ask how much battery you have left when you ask for the charger cable Arthur's fist meme about when a white person breaths is enough to anger black people Arthur's fist meme about when the world is gonna roll you with Shrek's fist

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