All-Star Voice Actress And Singer Rie Takahashi Implores Fans To Shower Before Her Concert

March 7th, 2023 - 3:38 PM EST by Adam Downer

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tomochan is a girl take a shower meme.

Anyone who's been part of a subculture that often involves large groups of – not to mince words – "nerds" gathering in one place can tell you that the personal hygiene of others is one of the top issues threatening the enjoyment and well-being of these communities. One need only consider the reputation of Super Smash Brothers players to understand what we mean.

Finally, a leader has seemingly stepped up to tell her community to take a dang shower, and it's getting widely celebrated throughout nerdy subcultures online.

Voice actress and singer Rie Takahashi, known for her roles in dozens of anime and video games, has implored her fans to bathe before seeing her in concert.

rie takahashi concert advice diagram

The plea comes amidst a diagram with lots of helpful advice for attending her concert, such as "bring a backup battery for your phone" and "stash valuables in a small, secure bag." The bottom right-hand corner of the diagram shows a person cutting their nails and using soap and water, so as not to offend people with their body odor.

In response, many of Takahashi's fans seemed grateful that she posted an infographic and were not offended by her advice about personal hygiene.

Once the infographic hit western social media users, however, there was a great deal of memeing, as anime fans are not particularly well known for their personal hygiene, and many imagined that Takahashi posted the advice as a sort of cry for help.

rie takahashi gigastacy meme

Takashi's drawing is about as gentle a reminder to bathe as they come, but many subcultures that hold conventions or gaming tournaments would probably do well to heed her advice.

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