Kabosu, The Beloved Shiba Inu Of 'Doge' Meme Fame, Is Very Ill

December 27th, 2022 - 2:28 PM EST by Adam Downer

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kabosu doge and atsuko

Kabosu, the beloved Doge who became one of the internet's most famous memes, is ill with acute cholangiohepatitis — a liver disease that inflames an animal's bile ducts and liver tissue — and chronic lymphoma leukemia, according to an Instagram post from her owner, Atsuko Sato.

Sato stated that Kabosu's liver is in poor condition and she has begun to show signs of jaundice. For now, she still has an appetite and can drink water. Kabosu is believed to have turned 17 years old this year.

It cannot be overstated how critical Kabosu has been in shaping the internet as we know it today, spawning a seemingly endless supply of memes and online communities with her adorable face. The concerning news prompted well wishes from all over the world, as Kabosu has become an integral part of many lives in the online and cryptocurrency space.

In 2020, Sato chatted with us about owning arguably the most famous dog in the world. At the time, she discussed how it still felt surreal, but was happy that Kabosu was the face of a lot of good in the world.

"Seeing [people] so moved to pet her, I started to feel grateful towards all of the fans of Kabosu as Doge in the world," she said. "I'm pleased that the life of a dog who was on the verge of being put down could be saved and she could be remembered forever, in an unexpected turn of events, as a dog who is loved by people all around the world."

"In Japan, there are many people who found out about Kabosu through my blog, became interested in rescue dogs, and [then] welcomed them to their own families. I think Kabosu must have been born with that mission."

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