New Photos Of Billy Mitchell Allege His 'Donkey Kong' Joystick Was Modified, Purportedly Threatening Legal Cases

January 31st, 2023 - 5:30 PM EST by Brandon Wink

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Billy Mitchell with a Donkey Kong Cabinet.

The notorious gamer Billy Mitchell, known for his Donkey Kong accolades and self-professed title as the "King of Kong," has a history of suing those who openly doubt his claims of reaching various high scores in Donkey Kong through legitimate means.

This includes Regular Show and the YouTuber Karl Jobst, who each made reference to Mitchell that portrayed him in a less than spectacular light.

However, those lawsuits are purportedly in danger as a result of photos that were released of the event in question that Mitchell has used as the foundation of his case, leading to a lot of celebration online as some allege the new images depict evidence of cheating.

The way in which the images appear to be harmful to Mitchell's case stems from the claim that Mitchell performed his Donkey Kong runs on stock hardware, meaning that the arcade cabinet and everything attached to it was original parts that were not modified.

The photos in question, which were claimed to have come from the staff of the event themselves, appear to show that the joystick attached to the arcade cabinet behind Mitchell, which is believed to be the one he used to play Donkey Kong that day, has a non-stock joystick. Not only is the joystick allegedly not an original one, but the one that is pictured is believed to be one that allows for slightly altered movement during the game, as it purportedly has 8-way directional inputting whereas the original Donkey Kong cabinet only had 4-way directional movement.

In other words, it would be like playing a game using a Switch Pro-controller instead of the Joy-Con set to a 4-D pad. This has caused memes and reactions against Mitchell to trend online, with many believing that this will torpedo his legal case.

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