'Team Erection 2' Trend On Twitter Devolves Into 'Team Fortress 2' Hornyposting

February 22nd, 2023 - 5:05 PM EST by Brandon Wink

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team erection 2 meme and twitter trend

For some, seeing the bizarre trending topic of "Team Erection 2" created a cloud of confusion today, with no clear reason as to why that phrase of all things would be trending. Could it be related to the also trending Chris Chan? Thankfully not, as there is still no news going on with that until the court date in March.

Throughout the day, this widespread confusion led to a lot of random posting, with a lot of these posts being about why the topic was trending in the first place — a common question to find on Twitter whenever something seemingly nonsensical or out-of-context manages to reach the "Trending" tab of the platform.

It didn't take long, however, for a clear pattern to emerge, with people starting to post their favorite fan art and images from Team Fortress 2. This notably included talking about a fictitious "sex update" to the game, which also happens to be part of a larger meme trend that's circulated online since 2019.

The humorous, initial confusion quickly devolved into thousands of thirst traps and overt sexually suggestive images of several members from Valve's beloved video game being posted, with a large preference being for Heavy and Medic, as well as Engineer.

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