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The thing about comparing these two movies, it makes a lot of sense. Both Deadpool and Ghostbusters have a large fanbase, and those fanbases has been clamoring for a good movie for a while. The problem here is that Deadpool was a success because the people behind it were fans of the Intellectual Property, but the Ghostbusters driving force didn't come from a love for Ghostbusters. The impetus for it, as far as I can tell, was to promote "feminist" ideologies and effectively be a strawman for sexism.

The people behind Deadpool, from the directors and writers to the cast (especially Reynolds), loved this character, and put time and effort into making it something that they, as fans, would love to see. This is evident with every minute of the film. Without all the special touches in storytelling (editing into a non-linear style), character development (no-holds barred, kiddie gloves gone) and acting (which felt less like acting, and more like the actual characters), this is a bland action movie.

Then you have Ghostbusters.


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