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Zoom-Zoom+ Copyrighted Material 132 Inside the Concentration Camps To speed things up, the Germans starting burning children and old people alive. This I can state with absolute certainty because I saw it at the place where I was." (10) The flames then spread across this mass of living humanity." (123) The victims were thrown in naked and then doused with gasoline, "In the camp there were patients who, when their condition wors- "The head of the crematory, a high-ranking officer, bound a Polish "With my own eyes I saw how the SS burned alive 14 Russian and 5 The victims were pitched directly into the white-hot fire." (57) INSIDE THE CONCENTRATION CAMPS which was then ignited." (123) ened, were sent alive to the ovens." (24) woman hand and foot and threw her into the oven alive." (111) Polish officers, all in uniform." (51) 、 "In May 1944, 100 Jews from Athens, who unanimously refused to work in the 'special squads,' were killed on the spot; some shot, the others Eyewitness Accounts of Life in Hitler's Death Camps burned alive." (102) "In March 1945, 500 people were killed by being thrown alive into the oven." (24) "800 to 900 yards from the place where the ovens were, the prisoners were squeezed into little cars that ran on rails. In Auschwitz these cars had various dimensions and could hold up to 15 people. As soon as a car was loaded, it would be set in motion on an inclined plane that traveled at full speed down a corridor. At the end of the corridor there was a wall, and in the wall was the door to the oven. As soon as the car hit the wall, the door opened automatically, and the car would dip for ward and pitch its cargo of living people into the oven. Right behind it Compiled by Eugène Aroneanu Translated by Thomas Whissen came another car with another load, and so on." (101) with the dead and thrown onto dump trucks." 104) into the ditches." (86) "It often happened that little children, still alive, were mixed in "Many eyewitness reports confirm that children were thrown alive "In one shipment there was a Polish Jewish woman who had a very pretty three-year-old daughter. The woman was aware of the exis- tence of the gas chamber at Auschwitz and knew what fate awaited her. When the squad leader came past her, she begged him, since she knew she had to die, to spare her child. The squad leader flew into a rage and said: 'Damned Jew, I don't take orders from you.' He then grabbed the child by the breast and carried her to the oven while the mother ran after him screaming. He ordered the door of the oven opened and threw the child in alive." (90) dren under 90 pounds were sent automatically to the ovens." (20) alive." (23) They threw living children up to the age of ten into the ovens. Chil- "In one shipment there were almost 400 children who were burned
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I can imagine bugsbunny in that.

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