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Fefe is a scorpion character with a human-like face who is often associated with shitposting on the /s4s/ (shit 4chan says) and /r9k/ (robot 9000) boards on 4chan.


On April 3rd, 2015, a poorly drawn illustration of a female frog with the message "allo, my name es fefe" was submitted to the /r9k/ board on 4chan (shown below).[1]

File: fefe png (64 KB, 600x600) O Anonymous 04/03/15(Fri)21:24:53 No. 17638315 allo, my name es fefe >> Anonymous 04/03/15(Fri)22:10:30 No.17639573 >>17639573>>17639 618 File: fefe2 png (86 KB, 600x600) 17638315 (OP) as anyone seen pepe? he said he would meet me 'ere five hours ago >> O Anonymous 04/03/15(Fri)22:11:45 No. 17639618 >2 17640070 17638315 (OP) this is so totally not becoming a meme/ No way my friend

On the following day, an illustration of a red-and-yellow scorpion with an anthropomorphic face was posted to 4chan's /s4s/ board, where the character was referred to as a "new 4chan meme" named "fefe" (shown below).

Filter disabled Post a Reply Anonymous 04/04/15(Sat)20:53:10 No.607931937 So, meme starts with m, and has m as its third letter pepe starts with p, and has p as its third letter 305 KB PNG I propose a new 4chan meme, what do you guys think about fefe? (pronounced like 'thief', but with an f) Fefe could be a scorpion, maybe to contrast with pepe being a frog, (you know, the scorpion and the frog story). What do you guys think? I've also been thinking about 'wewe', like the opposite of 'meme' (because a 'w' is a 'm' upside down) Pic related, it's fefe Anonymous 04/04/15(Sat)21:00:05 No.607932943 I don't even know what to say right now. I kinda wish you would die. Anonymous 04/04/15(Sat)21:01:35 No.607933163


On April 5th, Redditor awilddandyappeared submitted a screenshot of the scorpion 4chan post to the /r/4chan[2] subreddit. The same day, FunnyJunk[6] user chokinandtokin reposted the screenshot to the 4chan channel. In the first 48 hours, the Reddit post gained over 4,700 votes (95% upvoted) and the FunnyJunk post received more than 1,400 upvotes. On April 6th, an anonymous 4chan user submitted a post titled "Fefe is love, Fefe is life" to /r9k/,[3] featuring an illustration of a "kawaii" version of the Fefe character (shown below). That day, Redditor wee/a/boo submitted a screenshot of the post to /r/4chan,[4] where it gathered upwards of 740 votes (89% upvoted) in the next 20 hours. Also on April 6th, FunnyJunk[5] user urgey posted a compilation of Fefe illustrations.

O Fefe is love, Fefe is life Anonymous 04/06/15(Mon)15:31:41 No. 17727646 The year of our lord 2000+10 +5 >Still posting pepe >Being this normie Not posting kawaii fefe, the greatest of the memes. Get with the program /r9k/ O Anonymous 04/06/15(Mon)15:36:10 No.17727777 >>17727844>> 17727858 File: forcedmeme ipg (31 KB, 304x400) O Anonymous 04/06/15(Mon)15:39:05 No. 17727844 21772777Z checking quads confirmed for checked

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Totally Not a Freemason
Totally Not a Freemason

I wanna be the best trent,
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Each Meme to understand
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Gotta meme'em all!!
Gotta meme'em all!!


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