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Here's what I don't get about people playing this off as Romney being a toady: Romney hasn't apologized for any of the shit he's said.

Think about all the other Trump toadies and lackies: Gingrich, Christie, Cruz, etc., etc. Either they were sucking his dick right from the beginning or they started off talking shit and then bent down to kiss the ring. Romney still hasn't taken back any of the shit he's said, only that he's willing to give Trump a chance.

Trump's an Alpha personality, and you know who Alpha's can only respect? Other Alphas. You know who they think are just dirt beneath their tread? Toadies, lackies and, well, Betas. it seems pretty clear to me that what's happening here is that a bunch of Trump toadies are upset that they're getting passed over for someone who hasn't kissed nearly as much ass as they have… but that's the point. Trump actually respects Romney cause they're both Alpha as fuck.


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