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Sorry for getting political in the following.
But I've been holding the belief for a quite a while that you can't just slap 'gun control' on a location and magically expect all the guns to disappear. America is hella vast country. Someone can easily go to the desert in Nevada to bury a gun when an act is ever passed where they have to be collected.

Not saying there should be no gun laws, I actually do think our current laws should be a bit more strict in that area. But I'm tired of this narrative that pushing for stricter and stricter gun laws as the answer when they clearly keep happening in states and cities with already very strict gun control laws.

Jill Moderator

in reply to seacliff

Chicago is also know for a large amount of gun related crime and strict gun laws. One could argue that as "proof" gun control doesn't work. However, you could also argue that as many of the gang related guns originate out of state, if the surrounding states had the same regulations the number of guns available to gang members would decrease.

Obviously, you can still make the argument that criminals will go as far as they need to to get what they want (if they can't get it one or two states over, they will go three or four, or even to another country if need be). But the answer is more complicated than just "places that have gun control still have gun crime, therefore it does not work."


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