Fukouna Shoujo 03

Fukouna Shoujo 03

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KYM-tan inside the fukouna shoujo skin machine


Fukouna Shoujo 03 (Japanese: 不幸な少女03, "Unfortunate girl 03" in English), also known as vvindows and vvindows me.gif, is an anime GIF by Japanese visual artist vvindowsme depicting a young girl in a bathing suit being restrained by a machine and flayed alive. Online, the GIF gained much notoriety for its used as a shock image.


On May 11th, 2012, Pixiv user vvindowsme submitted a still image of a young girl standing on a platform along with a message noting that it was incomplete.

pixel art of an anime girl in bathing suit standing inside a machine
(Japanese: "3rd未完成…今回すごく時間が掛かりそうで",
trans: "3rd incomplete…
It will take quite a long time this time".

On October 26th, an advertisement of the completed GIF was published on the Pixiv[2] along with a link to the full version on the image hosting website ImageBam.[1] Two hours later, an image was posted depicting the same girl smiling in festival attire.

(Japanese: "おまけof03…夏の時書いた夏祭りの絵ですが、本編の延期のせえで、今はだだ頭おかしいそうの少女になりました",
trans: "Bonus of 03…
It is a picture of the summer festival that I wrote in the summer,
but for the postponement of the main story,
now it seems to be a very crazy girl."

先輩の皆さん お勤め ご苦労様でしたっ!

(Japanese: "不幸な少女03…遅くなってすみません。動く:---- まどか劇場版見たい~",
trans: "Unfortunate girl 03…
I'm sorry for being late.
Moving: http: ---- ,
theatrical version if you want to see ~"



Since 2012, the GIF had been spread throughout various social media sites including 4chan and Facebook as bait to shock unsuspecting users.


On March 10th, 2018, Instagram user tippitytopkek posted a Teen Comix edit featuring a still from the GIF, gaining upwards of 4,900 likes within two weeks (shown below, left). The same day, Instagram user Gachimad posted a still from the GIF with the caption, "top ten pranks that have gone too far…don't worry it's just a static image" (shown below, right).

teen comix about the one fear being the fukouna shoujo 03 gif gachimad Follow 0 gachimad top ten pranks that have gone too far, don't worry, this is just a static image. Load more comments bloodhunny graphic content hhhhhhhbhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh nononon OnONONoONo cat trash0 OOOOOF, SOME OF UA ALREADY KNOW lewd.butt Only real n----- understand acoustic_episode @swooshstar is a gif acoustic_episode @the_real_king_savage4 20 if you look up "loli gore gif" you'll find both. nicklf9 I just watched it.... h-------- 4,787 likes 03 MARCH 10

On March 18th, 2018, Twitter user @imOlallie posted a picture of the machine from the GIF without the girl, which gained 84 likes.[3] A reply to the tweet captioned, "don't worry guys, shes escaped and now shes fine!", with a You Know I Had to Do It to Em edit gained 180 likes.[4] On the same day, Twitter user @PotatoIsNotMash posted a picture of the machine with the character Danny Fenton from the cartoon Danny Phantom in place of the girl.[5] This tweet gained over 1,800 retweets and 5,200 likes.

EO ED MashAltPotatoes @PotatolsNotMash Young Danny Fenton, he was just 14 When his parents built a very strange machine 03

Flex Seal Art Contest Tweet

On March 21st, 2018, Twitter user @Jacob_Pinecone tweeted a Flex Tape-themed version of the image, which gained over 1,200 likes;[6] a follow-up to this image featuring a response from the official Flex Tape Twitter account gained 1,800 retweets and over 4,700 likes.[7] The official tweet response was deleted two days later.

To show you the power of Flex Seal, I'm gonna coat myself in it, and test it with this machine. 3 CR ATINO NT 937 t1329 744 Flex Seal e @GetFlexSeal EAL Replying to @Jacob_Pinecone Hey, this is super cool! Would you like to submit this piece of art to our Flex Seal Fan Art Contest? Jacob 'n' Stuff @Jacob_Pinecone Follow NOOOO, THEY DELETED IT! Following 25.4K Follo Tweets Tweets& replies Media Likes ta Flex Seal Retweeted Anne-Marie @ROCAnne70.3/14/18 v Sean and The Flex and Seal Spokesman, Phil, at the SMM 2018! Jacob 'n' Stuff @Jacob Pinecone Replying to @GetFlexSeal To the Flex Seal Team and/or Phill Swift: that's not a good idea. I am flattered however 3/23/18, 2:57 PM 7:17 PM - 23 Mar 2018 16 Retweets 329 Likes 16

Cool Cat

On April 14, 2018, Twitter user @glitterinablndr tweeted an edit of the machine with the character Cool Cat taking the place of the girl, tweeting it at the official Cool Cat Twitter account, @CoolCatlovesyou.[8] The Cool Cat Twitter retweeted it, mistaking it for a 3D printer. This retweet gained over 5,000 retweets and over 11,000 likes.[9]

cool cat inside a skin flaying machine Cool Cat @CoolCatlovesyou Follow COOL This is rather cool! It looks like I'm about to be 3D... Bavid Icke @glitterinablndr @CoolCatlovesyou Where's Cool Cat now?

Various Examples

After the resurgence, numerous image macros and photoshops featuring the GIF began circulating within various internet communities (shown below).

Lucky Luciano inside the fukouna shoujo machine WHO WOULD WIN? one bury smol Loli a red shiny boi 3 0 3 0 3 3 0 3 0 Drake and Josh with the fukouna shoujo machine 0 0 03 Top 10 Horrific Movie Scenes You Can ▼ Never Unsee 710K views 10K 905 Add to mojo WatchMojo.com SUBSCRIBE ATTENSHONE Dont think marajuano is bad drug? 0 smoaks 3 smoakes hapi loli ANGEREY loli Think again.

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