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1867 Views Created 12 years ago By amanda b. • Updated 6 years ago

Created By amanda b. • Updated 6 years ago

Example(s) Code Information Sharing (IS) 15 Uses of WordPress Self Promotion (SP) <URL REMOVED> Check out my blog I updated 2day 2 learn abt tuna! URL REMOVED> Go Aussie S go! -illmatic-greatest rap album ever" The sky is blue in the winter here Opinions/Complaint:s (OC) Statements and Random Thoughts (RT miss New York but I love LA..." Me now (ME) tired and upset" just enjoyed speeding around my lawn on my John Deere. Hehe: Question to followers QF) Presence Maintenance PM Anecdote (me) (AM) what should my video be about? udmorning twits" oh yes, I won an electric steamboat machine and a steam iron at the block party lucky draw this morning! Anecdote (others) (AO) Most surprised <use? dragging himself up pre 7am to ride his bike!" Table 1. Message Categories.
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