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5709 Views Created 4 years ago By David "Garsedj" Touchdown • Updated 10 months ago

Created By David "Garsedj" Touchdown • Updated 10 months ago

The Office Episode Fea Blackface Has Been Edited for THE OFFICE Voice Actor Mike Henry on Leaving "Cleveland wn" Role: "It's been an honor" Netflix Buzz Br: "The Simpsons' Will 'No Longer Have White Actors Voice Non-White Characters, Producers Say By Will Thorne V 'I was engaging in an act of erasure of Black people': Jenny Slate quits Big Mouth The white man will try to honey! it's 4PM, time for your performative wokeness satisfy us with symbolic victories rather than economic equity and real justice


the quote has been trending for the last few days but I can't find the original.
While there's the possibility it's made up, it's still a good line.
Can you guess the font? uh? uh? it's arial black

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