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  • >Put in your will that you want to be buried as close as possible to Thick, muscly tomboy.
  • >Die.
  • >Her family gets a restraining order against your corpse approved.
  • >They exhume your cadaver, cremate it and scatter the ashes into the landfill.
  • >At least you weren't alive to witness it.
  • >Meanwhile, in the afterlife, God is weighing your soul.
  • >You've been deemed unfit to enter Heaven.
  • >God banishes you to Hell.
  • >First person you see in Hell is Stephen Hawking.
  • >He calls you a faggot.
  • >Next person you see in Hell is Prince.
  • >You ask him "Did the elevator get you down?"
  • >He breaks your nose and calls you a faggot.
  • >Next person you see is the Muscly Tomboy you wanted to be buried next to.
  • >Ask what she did to get banished to Hell.
  • >She turns out to have been an inexcusably horrible person.
  • >You're no longer into her at all.
  • >With your face wrinkled in disgust you say:
  • >"Ughhhh! Now I wish I wasn't buried next to you!"

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