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-that does not excuses any of what the russian goverment is doing.
-you dont need to fly a swastica to be an asshole.
-its true that the russian government has been cracking down on neo-nazis , alongside all other political rivals or politcals groups who oppose the goverment, the neo-nazis get the spotlight because it looks good on the newspaper.

BulletproofBrony, Not Dead Melia
BulletproofBrony, Not Dead Melia

Nazis have a long and storied tradition of going after and even killing other Nazis, so the, "But they hate Nazis!" schtick doesn't get you very far.

Besides, Putin doesn't give a wit about Nazis from an ideological perspective--he cares about consolidating and maintaining his own power, and opposition groups of any sort threaten that. Hence his decision to jail his most prominent and decidedly non-Nazi opposition leader for 9 more years.


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