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How is it hurting them? Thousands of Azov members surrendered, their entire leadership, including their leader, got captured by the Russians.
Mariupol has been under complete Russian control for almost two months now


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"while suffering twice as much casualties than Ukraine"
Even by Ukrainian sources that isn't true. Both forces said that the opposite lost around 6000 to 7000 men, you can see that on Wikipedia.
The Russians claim to have taken around 7000 Ukrainians, between killed and captured, while the Ukrainians claim to have eliminated 6000 Russians (while having lost only a few hundred men, which is obviously bullshit).
The whole month of the Ukrainians hiding in the basement of Azovstal and begging the entire world to rescue them was imo absolutely worth it. It's even funnier that they surrendered immediately after Eurovision ended and the Ukrainians who were given a "solidarity win" sent a message to the world of saving the guys in Azovstal.
The timing was just unbelievable


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