Overwatch 2 - How to tell if a new Overwatch hero is a flop by cynthia ♡ @sapphicrackhead

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Gouf Troop
Gouf Troop

For a game that tries to bill itself as a paragon of diversity, a lot of the characters feel like stereotypes. Like, really? Three Japanese characters and they either a ninja or samurai, the Korean is(or was) into esports, the Russian is buff and butch, the Americans are either cowboys or soldiermen.

Mr. J
Mr. J

A timeline of how we got here:

*Overwatch released a successful beta with praise going to the fun, loose, casual friendly gameplay.
*Blizzard wanted that esports money and shifted gears before launch.
*The full game released as a much tighter designed game with an emphasis on competition and a FIFA style esports league proposal.
*Updates deliberately removed creative strategies and added characters that broke the game each time.
*Their competition before and after release were free to play, siphoning players away from their full priced game.
*Lootboxes were pushed to the point of countries banning them outright.
*The esports league was astroturfed to the point of teams feeling scammed when events flopped and pulled out.
*Overwatch 2 was announced, but went silent for over 2 years after.
*Blizzard was outed as a bunch of creepers, forcing sponsors to pull out of the league.
*Overwatch 2 beta released as nearly indistinguishable from the original.
*Overwatch 2 was announced as free to play and will fully replace the original, causing mass confusion.
*Silence until weeks before launch when a predatory battle pass is announced and a few characters no one seems to care about are revealed.
*The entire franchise remains relevant through porn, and even that interest is decaying.


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