PayPal - It is not JUST misinformation either. Their entire ToS is applied. You could get fined for a transaction involving a big t---- anime girl if they deem it "obscene" and YES, they have done so before without the fining.

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The "it's a private company they can do what they want :)" defenders when they pay 100 bucks for early access to an OnlyFans girls' photos and get deducted 2.600 bucks instead for buying obscene material according to some bald multimillionaire 80 year old dude they never met


This genuinely fills me with rage. Is not merely the thought policing, but the sheer, immense hypocrisy of a fucking megacorp feels the right to dictate morality when there's nothing more amoral in this world than a megacorp. If you are going to be a fucking cancer in this planet that tramples over the lives of people in the name of money, then the least, the absolute minimun you can do is just shut-up and limit yourself to making money, because I can't think of anything with less right in this planet to dicate morality than a megacorp.

You, whoever is reading this comment, you personally are more worthy of dictating morality than fucking paypal.


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