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Did they triple down on shit or something?

Between handling a few computers who still got no adblocks but users changed their mind/it is now highly enforced by corporate, me using a few other browsers for reasons (stuff that only works on IE or requires Chrome, for demonic reasons Edge is accepted for both), and simply trying things in a sandbox…

… there is a disturbingly high amount of ads that automatically download shit regardless of your preferences. What's this, 2002? Goatse just bought a timer camera and a large mirror, and Mr. Hands is still alive and studying state law? What bullshit is this?

You can't even report ads anymore. As much as I loathe AI I have found it to be a decent substitute for Google for minor questions given how useless it is starting to become at times; For minor trivia, chatgpt. For specialized stuff, bing or built-in site search.


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