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Rainbow Dash's Pro Skater (Video Game Idea)

Last posted Jan 10, 2013 at 07:31PM EST. Added Jan 10, 2013 at 07:08PM EST
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Rainbow Dash’s Pro Skater is a video game idea. It is a spinoff of the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series. In the game, you play as one of many characters from the show (or your own) and attempt to become the best skater in Equestria.


RDPS has the same basic gameplay as Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4. There is a Career mode where the character skates around several different levels freely. There are NPC’s that you preform missons for to progress in the game. Since the controls for a pony skateboarding would be rather awkward, the skater is humanized. The only NPC’s that are humans are the playable skaters, only if they are an NPC in the misson (ex. in a vert competition with Applejack). Like in THPS4, the game also has high score, free skate, 2-player, and create-a-park modes.


-Rainbow Dash


-Twilight Sparkle

-Pinkie Pie







-DJ P0N-3

-Big McIntosh

-Shining Armor




-Jimmy Lethal (OC)

-Josh Larson (OC)

-Custom Skater

-Jeff The Killer (Unlocked by buying for 6666 bits.)

-G.I. Joe (Unlocked by buying for 7476 bits.)

-Andrew W.K. (Unlocked by buying for 9001 bits.)

-Zecora (Unlocked by beating her Sick Score in Everfree Forest)

-Spitfire (Unlocked by beating her Sick Score in Los Pegasus)

-Iron Will (Unlocked by beating his Sick Score in Manehattan)

-Cadence (Unlocked by beating her Sick Score in Canterlot)

-Cloud Chaser (Unlocked by beating her Sick Score in Cruise Ship)

-Photo Finish (Unlocked by beating her Sick Score in Poneris)

-Discord (Unlocked by beating him in a jam in Discordia)

-Chrysalis (Unlocked by beating her Sick Score in Niagara Foals)

-Timmy Turner (Unlocked by beating his Sick Score in Ponyville)

-The Angry Video Game Nerd (Unlocked by beating his Sick Score in Caneighda)

-Fred Durst (Unlocked by beating his Sick Score in PONA Skatepark)

-Edsel Dope (Unlocked by beating his Sick Score in Saddle Arabia)

-Braeburn (Unlocked by beating his Sick Score in Appleloosa)

-Apple Bloom/Sweetie Belle/Babs Seed (Unlocked by beating their Sick Score in Brayton)

-Soarin (Unlocked by beating his Sick Score in Hoofston)

-Good Ol’ Ernie Doggenboing (Toontown Online OC) (Unlocked by winning silver or better in X Games Equestria)


-Ponyville (Based off Main Street, Farmingdale, NY)

-Los Pegasus (Based off both Los Angeles, CA, and Las Vegas, NV)

-Manehattan (Based off Times Square, Manhattan, NY)

-Niagara Foals (Based off Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada)

-Brayton (based off Brighton, UK)

-Poneris (based off Paris, France)

-Saddle Arabia (Based off Mecca, Saudi Arabia)

-Cruise Ship (Based in the Solar Sea)

-Caneighda (Based off Vancouver, B.C., Canada)

-Canterlot (Based off a combonation of Canterlot from the show and Washington, D.C.)

-PONA Skatepark (Based off KONA Skatepark, Jacksonville, FL)

-Hoofston (Based off the AstroDome, Houston, TX)

-Everfree Forest (Based off both Everfree Forest from the show and the Amazon Rainforest)

-X Games Equestria (Based off X Games 18)

-Appleloosa (Based off Appleloosa from the show and Tombstone, AZ, Unlockable by buying for 6000 bits.)

-Discordia (Discorded Canterlot, Unlockable by buying for 6000 bits.)

-Trixie’s Ponyville (Trixie takes over Ponyville, From Magic Duel, Unlockable by buying for 6000 bits.)


This is how the soundtrack works. There are 15 songs each from Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4, Tony Hawk’s Underground 2, and Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland. There are 6 songs from the first two Tony Hawk games. 20 more songs are added as my personal choices. In addition, there are six bonus songs, coming up to a grand total of 77 songs.


-Labor by Aesop Rock

-Bloodstains by Agent Orange

-Whenimondamic by Lootpack

-All My Best Friends Are Metalheads by Less Than Jake

-Yer Country by U.S. Bombs

-Beach Blanket Bongout by JFA

-Spokesman by Goldfinger

-Blackball by The Offspring

-Seneca Falls by The Distillers

-Simple Song by Avail

-Freightliner by Hot Water Music

-My Adidas by Run-DMC

-House of the Rising Drum by Delinquent Habits

-Skate And Destroy by The Faction

-Verses of Doom by Muskabeatz feat. Jeru The Damaja


-Here I Am by The Explosion

-Cheesecake by Camaros

-High Anxiety by The Suicide Machines

-Fall Back Down by Rancid

-Sin City by Dead End Road

-No W by Ministry

-Whiplash by Metallica

-Deadly Sinners by 3 Inches Of Blood

-It’s Gonna Be A Long Night by Ween

-Black Label by Lamb Of God

-Top Billin’ by Audio Two

-Rapper’s Delight by The Sugarhill Gang

-Night Prowler by Living Legends feat. Slug

-Holy Calamity by Handsome Boy Modeling School

-That’s Life by Frank Sinatra


-Better Homes And Gardens by SNFU

-Watch It Fall by The God Awfuls

-Holiday by Green Day

-Vendetta by Mike V And The Rats

-Get Off My Back by The Casualties

-What’s Up Fatlip by Fatlip

-Burnt by Del tha Funkee Homosapien (simply Del in-game)

-Put Your Quarter Up by Molemen

-The End of Biters by Prefuse 73

-Champ by Breakestra

-Gravedancer by Pig Destroyer

-Live Wire by Mötley Crüe

-Unconditional by The Bravery

-Peace Frog by The Doors

-Penalty Box by Bobot Adrenaline


-Superman by Goldfinger (THPS)

-Police Truck by Dead Kennedys (THPS)

-Jerry Was A Race Car Driver by Primus (THPS)

-Guerrilla Radio by Rage Against The Machine (THPS2)

-When Worlds Collide by Powerman 5000 (THPS2)

-Bring The Noise by Anthrax feat. Chuck D. (Public Enemy) (THPS2)

Original Choices

-Shut Up! by Simple Plan

-Disasterpiece by Slipknot

-Crack Addict by Limp Bizkit

-The Artist In The Ambulance by Thrice

-Negative Creep by Nirvana

-RockNRola by Nancy Fullforce

-Tornado of Souls by Megadeth

-Red Flag by Billy Talent

-F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X. by The Fall of Troy

-Motivation by Dope (Played in the intro.)

-Play With Me by Extreme

-All Star by Smash Mouth

-Fuel by Metallica

-Master Exploder by Tenacious D

-Stacy’s Mom by Fountains of Wayne

-Atomic Punk by Van Halen

-Lee Majors Come Again by Beastie Boys

-The Rock Show by blink-182

-The Geeks Were Right by The Faint

-Soul Doubt by NOFX

Bonus Songs

-Mommy’s Little Monster by Social Distortion (Unlocked after buying Jeff The Killer, from THUG)

-Let’s Have A War by Fear (Unlocked after buying G.I. Joe)

-Ready To Die by Andrew W.K. (Unlocked after buying Andrew W.K.)

-Psychobilly Freakout by The Reverend Horton Heat (Unlocked after buying Appleloosa)

-Can’t Be Saved by Senses Fail (Unlocked after buying Discordia)

-King Nothing by Metallica (Unlocked after buying Trixie’s Ponyville)


Cheats are entered by going to “Options” and then “Enter Cheats”. All codes are case-sensitive.


TimeIsMoney – Unlock Everything

MeAndMyGang – All Skaters

PrivateJet – All Levels

ArtistInTheAmbulance – All Boards

PaidInFull – 999,999 Bits

GoToSleep – Jeff The Killer unlocked.

KnowingHalfTheBattle – G.I. Joe unlocked.

DestroyBuildDestroy – Andrew W.K. unlocked.

BlackAndWhite – Zecora unlocked.

FlameThrower – Spitfire unlocked.

DoYouEvenLift – Iron Will unlocked.

CrystalSkater – Cadence unlocked.

HairProductSponsorHere – Cloud Chaser unlocked.

SkatePhotoG – Photo Finish unlocked.

LeroyJeinkens – Discord unlocked.

BlackCheese? – Queen Chrysalis unlocked.

ExtremeWishing – Timmy Turner unlocked.

NintendoAtariSega – Angry Video Game Nerd unlocked.

AllForTheNookie – Fred Durst unlocked.

NothingForMeHere – Edsel Dope unlocked.

DesertStormer – Braeburn unlocked.

YoungBucks – Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Babs Seed unlocked.

ObviousPieJokeHere – Soarin unlocked.

CartoonCraziness – Good Ol’ Ernie Doggenboing unlocked.


The handheld versions on 3DS, DS, and PSP differ from the console games. These versions of the games are based around the first three Tony Hawk games. You have two minutes to check as many goals off a list as possible. You don’t have to do every goal in one run; once it’s done, it’s done.

The handheld version features ten skaters (the Mane Six, Spike, Celestia, DJ P0N-3, and Custom Skater), eight levels (Ponyville, Los Pegasus, Manehattan, Niagara Foals, Cruise Ship, Hoofston, Discordia, and Canterlot) that are much smaller than their console versions (except for Cruise Ship, which is more or less the same size), and the soundtrack has no songs from THPS4, THUG2, or THAW. Because of the Playstation Vita’s technical capabilities, the full console game would be ported to the system.


The game features the ability to create up to five Custom Skaters (two on handhelds). They are all included as the “Custom Skater” character, and you can choose which one to play as.

Easter Egg: Angry Video Game Nerd’s character select screen animation is him playing a Game Boy. If you rotate him, you can barely see him playing the Game Boy Color version of the original Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater.

Reference: Babs’ mission in Niagara Foals involves a taxi. The taxi’s door reads “Shabby Cab Co.”, a reference to Tony Hawk’s Underground 2.

Reference: In the Caneighda level, Pinkie breaks the fourth wall. Quote: “I really wanted to have Party Hard on the soundtrack, but no, it has to be Ready To Die. That’s a downer.”

Reference: Josh breaks the fourth wall when you complete his mission in Manehattan. Quote: “Nice, very nice. Now how about you get your ass up and ride a real skateboard?”

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