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If I make an image that combinds 2 memes, where do I post it?

Last posted Jul 03, 2011 at 07:33PM EDT. Added Jul 03, 2011 at 12:07AM EDT
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I have been wondering this for a bit now because I have a tendency to combine ponies with other memes. About a month ago ( give or take a week ) I made an image that combined the limes guy and a guy holding a lot pony toys and posted it in the limes images, hours later someone made a different ( given better ) version of the same image and posted it into MLP, and got a lot more attention for it.

What I am wondering mainly, if I made a image that combines 2 memes, do I just post it under 1 or post in both?

For right now, there isn’t a way to make it auto post under both. But really it’s your call on where you want to post it to the site.

If it is really one meme and very little of the other, just go for the first.

If it seems equal, you can add it to both, either, or neither.

Do what seems best, for the moment.


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